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Fallout 4 Guide: How to Start Automatron Mission

| March 22, 2016

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Fallout 4 has finally gotten its first piece of DLC with the Automatron expansion that hit earlier today. Fans might have some trouble downloading the expansion, which you can find some help for here, but once they have it the question is how to get started. To help out, here’s our guide on how to start Automatron in Fallout 4.

To begin, you need to listen to a specific distress signal. This can be done anywhere in the Fallout 4 map, so open up your Pip-Boy and head to the Radio section. There you will see the Caravan Distress Call, which is part of the Mechanical Menace quest. Listen to this to trigger the next step in your mission.

The signal will bring you to a bunch of robots who are being attacked east of Watts Consumer Electronics. If you haven’t discovered this location in your regular Fallout 4 travels, then just know that it is north of the Institute and the CIT, to the west of the curved road you’ll see there. Check this area and you should stumble upon it soon.

Once you find it you should be able to follow the next few prompts that the game gives you and complete the quest, unlocking the abilities that the Fallout 4 Automatron DLC offers.

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  • Ragnar

    Your robot dies at the end

    • Ragnar


    • Holy shit you are so funny!! Do you do standup? Where can I find you on youtube/netflix?!

      • Ragnar

        Ill find you when youre ready

    • Adam

      You’re an asshole

  • Pete

    Got it in the download queue just after today’s Division update. Looking forward to getting back into the wasteland.

  • James

    I have it downloaded and I get the radio signal but when I go there there is no caravan and no robots.

    • Greg Howell

      Finally got the signal and I have no caravan or robots either.

  • Greg Howell

    I downloaded and installed but I get no radio signal! Does it take time? Can you not be finished with the main story?

    • Jim Caldwell

      I had this same problem when i downloaded it. If you had fallout 4 open in the background while downloading the DLC and havent closed it yet close it and start it back up again

      • Crashbanksbuysilver .

        Got the same problem and it doesn’t work.

  • Chill

    Hello, guys. Gotta say – make sure your Fallout 4 version patched up to 1.4.132. before instaling DLC. Should work fine then. Load any save, it should start like this :

    • AnonTrauma

      So, I’ve gotten all the way to the Mechanist, but I’m stuck in the room where he’s continuously using the Tesla coils. I can’t find a way to get to him. The only door that has a panel for it isn’t working. I’m slowly starting to think I’m just an idiot or there’s a problem.

    • DrMichael

      Fully updated, everything is copacetic, but no automaton mission. $10 is nearly a month’s worth of food irl; did I waste it?

  • Crashbanksbuysilver .

    Thi distress signal doesn’t work, can’t hear a thing.

  • Brian Bates

    I figured it out. You have to go to sanctuary for it to trigger the quest

  • DrMichael

    Yeah, nothing. Had the DLC for 3 days now I think, level 99, and nothing.

  • Lindsey

    I got the complete edition with dlc and it did the download but it not showing any of the content for the dlc