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Fallout 4 Guide: Far Harbor Memory Puzzle Solutions

by Kyle Hanson


One of the best things that Fallout 4 Far Harbor did was expand the variety of quests that were offered in the game. Many felt that Fallout 4 lacked a lot of the richer quests that previous games had, with most boiling down to travelling somewhere and killing everything you saw. However, one of these unique missions is causing a bit of controversy, with some having a lot of trouble figuring it out. This is the Dima’s memory puzzle quest, better known as “Best Left Forgotten”

This quest puts you into a computer simulation where you need to retrieve the memories of Dima, the synth leader. To do this, you need to use all of your Workshop knowledge and skills, because there is no direct combat. Instead, you have to destroy walls, and build bridges so that little computer bots can get to the memories. Some of these are pretty easy, but they ramp up in difficulty fast. So, here are the memory puzzle solutions for Fallout 4 Far Harbor.

Fallout 4: Far Harbor Memory Puzzle 1

This is the easiest memory puzzle found in Far Harbor, but they still don’t start you off all that easy. Thankfully, Dima’s voice will help you along. Just grab the nearby blocks, or store them for use later. Use them to build a bridge to the next platform. Here you are introduced to the red walls that will block your progress throughout. To get rid of it, you need the green laser beam to hit the cube on the wall. Move the block that is in the way, and it will disappear. Build another bridge and the bots will have all the access they need. Drones will begin flying in to take them out though, so build your turrets along the path they take and you should be good to go.

Fallout 4: Far Harbor Memory Puzzle 2

Walk forward just a little bit and there will be a platform on the left. Head down there and grab the block to free up the green laser. Then just follow the pathway forward, storing any blocks along the way, and clearing the path of the green laser. Eventually you’ll find a new decoder relay, which is able to redirect the green laser beam. Put it on the stack of two, with the green side facing the right, or where you want the green beam to go. If you sent it through the hole on the right then it should clear away the red wall, but there is one more left. You now need to grab the code blocks and decoder relay on the left, and all around the platform, then build a tower (two code blocks, and the decoder) in the green beam’s path, sending it toward the key block in the final red wall. Build a bridge to the final platform, and set up some turrets here, and near the original entrance, and you’re all set.

Fallout 4: Far Harbor Memory Puzzle 3

Go ahead and store the code blocks in front of you, then use them to build a bridge to the next platform. turn left and hop up the stairs, then build a way across to the alcove above the red wall. Store everything inside, and retrieve the blocks used for the walkway, then head back down. You now need to get rid of the large red wall nearby, so build another tower. This one should be two code blocks tall, with the decoder relay on top, and be sure to place it so the green beam will hit the blue block inside the wall.

This should open up a new alcove full of blocks, so just store them all for later use. Behind these you should see a “decoder beam array” wedge into the wall (it’s the glowing block beneath the green section). Move your previous block tower so that the green beam hits this block. You can go ahead and place some turrets here if you want, they’ll be needed later. Also, go ahead and build a bridge across to the platform on the right.

You aren’t going there just yet though. Head back upstairs where the green beam is now travelling. Far down the path is another red wall with a blue block inside, build another two code block tall tower right in the path of the beam and place a decoder relay on top pointing right at it. This clears away the last wall, so just build bridges to the final platform, and place some turrets along the walkway to finish up.


Fallout 4: Far Harbor Memory Puzzle 4

Alright, things are starting to really heat up. Turn right and grab all of these blocks, then build into the center area so that you have a tower of two code blocks right in the center. Place the newly acquired decoder relay on the top, facing to the left so that it hits the red wall there. Head in and store all of the items inside, then move back to the center. Remove one block and move the decoder relay down, pointing it now toward the front. Now look to the right corner where you will see the glowing blue cube. Build a bridge in front of the current decoder relay tower you have built, so that you can set the second decoder relay where it will direct the beam to the other key block, which should be three out, and one code block high, with the decoder relay on top. Once the wall disappears you should store all the blocks used here for further use.

Now head downstairs via the stairs on the right. Toward the back, where the green beam is, build a bridge out and place a decoder relay on top, pointing forward (toward the end). Now follow the beam to the broken section, and look to the right to see where you need to hit. Put one code block in the ground under the beam, and the decoder relay on top, pointing right to hit the decoder array. This will eliminate the final red wall, so just go through and build your bridges and turrets where necessary.

Fallout 4: Far Harbor Memory Puzzle 5

Alright, this is the real tough one. Memory puzzle 5 puts everything you’ve learned so far in Far Harbor’s memory quest and puts it to the test. It’s really one of Fallout 4’s toughest missions, but it is also optional. However, without it you can’t get the best armor in the entire game. To start off, just grab every block you see around the platform, storing them for later use.

Now, with your back to the red firewall, build a bridge to the right platform. Explore this whole section, storing every block you find, then head back. Do the same to the platform on the left (again, facing away from the end firewall), building a bridge and grabbing all of the blocks there (if you need more blocks just head to the center platform. Be sure to grab the blocks you used for the bridges, you’ll need all you can get.

Once you’ve raided all of the nearby platforms, head to the center area where you’ll find the green beam firing from the ceiling and hitting the center of a pyramid. Store all the blocks here if you haven’t already, and use the decoder relay in the center to eliminate the red wall to the left. This just requires two code blocks in the middle, with the relay on the top. Build a bridge and set up a tower in the middle that is three code blocks tall, with a decoder relay at the top, pointing toward the red firewall at the back corner. Grab the blocks, but leave the decoder relay in place, then head back to the center.

Now head straight toward the back, building a bridge as you go. Store all of the blocks on this massive platform, then build a bridge to the platform at the back left, grabbing the decoder relay there. Set up a tower that is three blocks high, and place the decoder relay right in the path of the beam, pointing it back the way you came. This should have the beam heading right through the previous platform and into the decoder array at the back right. If not, make sure you grabbed all of the code blocks here.


You should now see the green beam firing up all the way to the left (facing back toward the last red firewall). You need to use this to eliminate the last two walls, so head to the platform that it is firing into, and go to the top of it. The green beam should be hitting the ceiling of a small room. Collect any code blocks you missed, and set up a decoder relay so that it fires back the way you came, via the lower hole. So just build one block on the floor, and the decoder attached to it. This clears one of the red walls, where you can go and grab the final decoder relay.

Now, you need to go back to the large, center pyramid and build a bridge out to the right, where the beam is firing up from below. Build a tower that is two blocks taller than your bridge and place a decoder relay on top, facing toward the final red wall (to the right of your bridge). Then delete the tower and bridge blocks. Head all the way back to the beginning, and off to the right where the beam is flying by. On the edge of this platform, with the beam over your head, build a tower that is two blocks tall with the decoder relay on top, pointing to the right, toward the red wall again. Head back to the original spawn point and build another tower two blocks tall, with the decoder relay pointing right at the key block on the final red firewall. Build your bridge and a few turrets and you’re finally done.

That was certainly one of the toughest, but also more unique missions in Fallout 4 Far Harbor. Hopefully this guide helps you get through it. And check out our other guides for more tips, including where to find that armor that you just earned.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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