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Fallout 4 Far Harbor Guide: Where to get the Marine Armor; the Best Armor in the Game

| May 19, 2016

Fallout 4 Far Harbor Guide: Where to get the Marine Armor; the Best Armor in the Game GameGuides  Fallout Guide Fallout 4 DLC Fallout 4 Fallout

Aside from your level, and what weapon you are using, your armor is the most important thing you have on you in Fallout 4. There are many different kinds of armor, with some being better than others, but with the release of Fallout 4 Far Harbor there is little doubt of which is the very best.

The Marine Combat Armor, which can be found throughout the island is easily the best armor you can find in the game, outside of just using Power Armor. However, all the stuff you find on Trappers and other characters is beaten, and used. There is one set of untouched Marine Armor though, but it can be pretty tough to find. So, here’s our guide on how to find the Marine Armor in Fallout 4 Far Harbor.

This is actually a miscellaneous quest that you discover by playing through the main storyline of the Far Harbor DLC expansion. Just keep pushing through this questline and you’ll come to a mission called Best Left Forgotten. Complete it and the “Find the Marine Combat Armor” mission will be added under Miscellaneous. The armor is out there to be found, but you need to have this mission in your questlog if you wanna get it.

The Marine Armor is split into three separate parts, and scattered around the outskirts of Far Harbor island. To locate the whole set you’ll need to head to these locations and grab the goods. Starting on the far west side of the island, the shipment is deep underwater in a shipping container. Head to Rayburn Point, then out into the water at a south west angle. You should spot the container at the bottom of the ocean with a chest inside with the first few pieces of the armor.

The second set is more toward the south, though still off the west coast of Far Harbor. The closes fast-travel point that I found was the Children of Atom Shrine that you encountered during the main quest. Go here and head south west once again, though a bit more west than south this time around. Swim out into the ocean again and you’ll eventually see a ship on the bottom. Inside is the second set of Marine Armor pieces.

Finally, the third shipment of Marine Armor in Fallout 4 Far Harbor is found off the east coast, to the south. It is almost due east from the Harbor Grand Hotel, so head there and swim out one more time. Another sunken ship is found here, so head to the box on board and grab the final pieces. Now you have the best armor in the entire game of Fallout 4. Of course, you can still mod it a bit to give it some more edge, but not by much.

Where to Get the Marine Armor; the Best Armor in the Game

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  • Nightmare_Geist

    It seems you can only find it if you have the quest. I swam out to the shipping containers and there weren’t any lootable boxes in the shipping containers.

  • Kamodo

    I’m having trouble with the quest best left forgotten I can’t build the turrets

  • Frank Anderson

    Still not as good as ballistic weave mod, 110 defense on under armor and hat can’t be beat. The armor bonuses need to be increased for regular armor.

    • Saintalchemyst

      But with certain clothes that are modable with ballistic weave also allow you to wear a full set of armor on top. For those clothing items if armor’s defense rating was increased it would be extreme overkill and completely break the game.

    • 32-44-33-34-24

      Get a Courser outfit and ballistic weave it if you haven’t already. You’re welcome in advance. :)

      • Frank Anderson

        No, I would lose defense with that, not gain.

        • 32-44-33-34-24

          What do you mean? Courser outfit goes past the 110 threshold up to 140/125/15. Mechanist armor goes up to 182.

          • Frank Anderson

            Oh, with my under armor I get 110/110, my hat gives me 110/110 and my armor pieces give me even more armor along with perks allowing 450+/450+ sets easily. Not to mention the legendary stat boosts on each armor piece, wearing full body outfits that can’t have under armor(with ballistic weave) is worthless.

          • 32-44-33-34-24

            Ah, I get you. You want fabric weave plus armor, not just FW on its own. I thought you were saying armor is useless compared to ballistic weave which IMO it is given how low many of the armors ratings are. Some of the newer armors I’ve picked up lately have had higher defensive ratings so I’ve been using them with BW that can be used in conjunction with armor pieces.

            Overall tho, the 110 hat and outfit is usually what I roll with as it’s usually enough for me plus I just like lookingv stylish as I roam the wasteland for some reason. Lol. I’ve BWed pretty much all the companions outfits to wear for the SS.

            The marine armor with BW army fatigues is decent but the helmet piece for it sucks balls as you can’t upgrade it.

          • PCZero

            lol whatever too busy mercing everything with amped up X-01 Power Armor with my huge stash of fusion cores I’ve built up over the course of the game. Of course, it helps to pump your difficulty up a bit with mods to increase enemy toughness, damage, level and legendary chance.

  • RPS

    If you have lots of caps, you can buy the unique armor pieces even before doing the quest. Brooks in Far Harbor has the helmet, Cog in Acadia has the chest piece, Brother Kane and Sister Mai in The Nucleus each has an arm piece. Be warned however, these things are very very expensive, as in over 10k caps even if you have maxed out cost reducing perks and bonuses. The easy way is to use plastics and fertilizers to make very large amount of jets and use it to pay for them.

    If you are lazy and short of caps, Brother Kane also sells the basic armor pieces, however the Zealot version is the most basic version and you need Armorsmith perk to upgrade it to Assault or Inquisitor version.

    If you are asking, this is an armor set like Combat Armor and the like, and can be worn over some clothings like Military Fatigues with ballistic weave.

  • Kekcool

    the robot armor arms and legs are stronger tho.