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Fallout 4 Guide: How to Repair Power Armor

by Kyle Hanson


You’ve done it. You’ve found the Power Armor in Fallout 4, and you got enough Fusion Cores to keep it all powered up (if not, then check out this guide). But there’s a problem. You ran into a Legendary Radscorpion out in the wasteland and he damaged or destroyed some of the parts that make up your epic suit of badassery. Well, here’s a quick guide for how to repair Power Armor in Fallout 4 to help you out.

The key to repairing Power Armor in Fallout 4 is to get to a Power Armor Station. These yellow stations can be found in many settlements, as well as various garages or bases of the Brotherhood of Steel. You should have one of these from the start of the game, positioned in the garage at Red Rocket, just south of Sanctuary. Here’s where you’ll wanna go to repair your Power Armor in Fallout 4.

Simply exit the Power Armor near the station (if you aren’t sure how to do this then check out our other guide as well). This will then allow you to walk up to the Power Armor station and press a button to “Craft”, this should be A on Xbox One, X on PS4, and E on PC, but check the bottom of the screen to be sure.

Now you can repair the item you need, so scroll through the menu checking out which parts are damaged. The health of the Power Armor piece is displayed on the left. Hit the Repair button (Y/Triangle/T for Xbox/PS4/PC). This will require different resources depending on the particular piece you are repairing.

Mostly they’ll need Steel, but some might also require circuitry or other rare resources, which this guide will help you to locate if you’re having trouble. Once you have the required resources and hit the button the Power Armor part should be as good as new. Head back out into the wasteland of Fallout 4 and get ready to repair again one that Deathclaw gets ahold of you.

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