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Fallout 76 – How to Get the Bow, How to Craft the Bow

Who needs lead when you have wood?

by Brandon Adams


Fallout 76 Wastelanders adds human NPCs to the wild Appalachian hills of West Virginia, but it also brings a few other new things such as the bow. Players can earn themselves the recipe early on, though veteran players may either want to double back a bit, or prepare to spend 300 caps.

The bow in Fallout 76 is earned after completing the new introductory quest-line, or bought at the new faction settlements.

Now that we have proper humans in the wasteland Fallout 76 kicks off with a brand new quest-line that takes players to The Wayward, a bar owned by one Duchess. She needs your help getting the Free Radicals and other enterprising treasure hunters off her ass, and after a lengthy run of quests she’ll conclude the saga by rewarding you the bow recipe.

This quest is accessible to all new Vault Dwellers who leave Vault 76, but veterans will need to return and talk to the two new NPCs just outside to kick off the quest chain. If veterans would rather skip assisting Duchess they can head to the new Raider or Settler outposts. For the Raiders Crater can be found at the crashed space station to the north, and for the Settlers Foundation is located towards the south-east in Spruce Knob.

There will be a basic weapon vendor at each, and so long as your rank is Cautious you can buy the bow blueprint for 300 caps. If you want the more powerful compound bow, however, you need to reach Ally with either (the highest rank available in Fallout 76, so get ready to repeat some daily quests to get there). This will unlock the specialty vendor, and in turn the compound bow.

You can craft bows from weapons benches, and they are found under the “machine guns” list (which is…odd). There are also new perks for bows (and crossbows have been converted over) within the Perception SPECIAL. Do keep in mind bows cannot be used in Power Armor, but you’re likely gonna be running a lightly-armored stealth build in Fallout 76 with this weapon anyways.

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