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Fallout 76: How to Save

Yes, some people need to know.

by Kyle Hanson


Every new game presents its own unique challenges. Will this game feature a deep and tough to understand leveling system? Will the quests be too hard? Will the enemies be too difficult? Fallout 76 has some challenges of this sort, but with its total reworking of the franchise’s typical formula it can be the small stuff that trips you up. This is why we’ve seen a ton of people asking about saving and how it works in the game. To help out, here’s a quick explanation of how to save in Fallout 76.

The answer is…you don’t. Saves are a thing of the past, kind of. I mean, you do have a save file that says what your character is like, what you’ve done, and all the stuff that’s built inside of your camp. However, you have no control over this file like you did in Fallout 4 and its predecessors.

Fallout 76 is an always online multiplayer experience, which means it’s save system is totally different than what you’ve experienced before. Thankfully, it requires less from you…nothing actually. Fallout 76 uses an auto-save system and nothing else, so all you need to do is play the game and your progress will be saved as you go. When you’re ready to stop playing just log off and you should be good to go as soon as you start back up next time.

And that’s how to save in Fallout 76, sort of. I mean, it’s how the save system works, you just don’t have to manage it yourself. This does mean you can’t have multiple save files as backup or to allow random murder sprees whenever you get particularly frustrated with something in the game. Don’t go firing off nukes without being sure you want to destroy everything within a few yards of what you’re aiming at.

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