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Fallout 76: How to Build Your Camp

Your base of operations allows you to store items and build anything you want.

by William Schwartz


The C.A.M.P. is a portable device that allows you to construct a homestead in the game.  You choose to CAMP in Fallout 76 at any time by opening your Pip Boy and then pressing the LB button.  The CAMP device will then appear in front of you and it will be surrounded by either a green or red circle.

The green or red circle indicates whether or not the area is suitable for camping.  If the area is highlighted in green, the area you selected is ok to camp at.  You can then press the A button to place your camp.  If the circle is red, you’ll need to find another place as it might be too close to other locations or the ground might not be suitable.

Once you have your CAMP location set up, you can then access the build features from there.  There are numerous categories within the CAMP menus that allows you to build different structures.  With each different type of structure that you can build there are further objects within that category and then different variants within those.  To access the different items in each category just use the d-pad.  You can select different item variants by using the d-pad left and right.

Once you’ve chosen an object to build, you can then position it with the the left and right thumbsticks.  You can also rotate the items with LT and RT.  When you’re satisfied with the placement press A to place the object.

At the beginning of Fallout 76 your building options are pretty limited.  By completing quests and exploring you will encounter numerous schematics that you can use to unlock many different customization options for your camp, as well as different crafting stations, and defensive capabilities.

You can choose to move your camp in Fallout 76 as well.  If you’ve found a suitable new location for your camp you can access the Pip Boy at any time and press the LB/L1 button to move your campsite.

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