Far Cry 6 Best Sniper: How to Get the MBP .50 Sniper Rifle

How to grab one of Far Cry 6's best weapons.

by Ben Stroud


The amount of weapon variation in Far Cry 6 has never been short of phenomenal. Not even just the sixth entry, but the entire series in general, has always brought all manner of firearms to the open-world themed table. From bows and assault rifles to now vinyl firing launchers blasting out music, a classy amount of style goes hand in hand with whatever firearm you choose to wield. For this article, we’re going to be looking into the MBP.50 sniper rifle, the benefits it brings and ultimately the best/easiest method to add it to your evergrowing arsenal of Guerilla weaponry.

What is the MBP.50?

Regarded as the best long-range rifle throughout Far Cry 6’s gorgeous Yara, for the stealthy player, it’s a must. Looking into the weapon’s customizable options as a whole, there’s plenty of variation to be had across the board. Firstly, a higher ranged scope is available, increasing the rifles range massively. Combined with the possibility of also adding a suppressor to the barrel, boxes for both distance and stealth receive a tick. This category of weapon might not fit your chosen style of play, as there are various approaches possible. The weapon is worth the trouble to grab, simply due to the huge amount of power and damage it possesses, dispatching enemies would become an even easier breeze.


How to Get the MBP .50 Sniper Rifle in Far Cry 6

This is the easiest route to take for acquiring the MBP.50 quickly. Firstly, begin by constructing a “Guerilla Garrison” upgrade for one of the three camps facilities, this will cost you sixty metal and gasoline, being the standard price. From there, be sure to upgrade the garrison once more, to now level two. Costing you a further hundred and forty in metal and gasoline each to earn the level two ranking, your next goal is the third and final ranking, this third attempt will now cost you a mighty two hundred and twenty metal/gasoline.

Once all your ranking up and building is completed for your camp facility, the MBP.50 is now available for purchase from the garrison merchant. The price of the weapon in totally is 3850 pesos, simply earnt by playing throughout the game’s story and sidequests. Furthermore, it’s a wise idea in acquiring high amounts of metal and gasoline first, depending on what part of Dani’s story you’re choosing to grab the rifle on, your materials may already be high enough.

Far Cry 6 is now available on Playstation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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