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Far Cry 6: How to Get the Angelito FW Turbo Flying Car

Up, up, and away.

Getting around Yara’s luscious landscapes in Far Cry 6 is always a beautiful endeavor. Be it by land, air or sea, traversal is always a breeze. However, with Ubisoft’s sixth entry in the Far Cry series, why not experience land and air as one? The Angelito FW Turbo is a dune buggy mixed with a plane, ready for the drop of a hat pace change Far Cry is famous for. In the guide below, you can discover the location I personally found the vehicle or if you would rather opt into spending money/having a higher chance first, there are some further tips in doing so.

Method 1 – In The Wilderness


On my first playthrough of Far Cry 6, I was lucky enough to find the vehicle spawn during exploration, seen in the picture above, “Revmira Supply Dock” happened to be a spawn point for the machine. Pressing the triangle button to change between land and air modes, accompanying it to any vehicle pickup point will add it to your collection for further use.

Also, if unfortunately, the vehicle doesn’t happen to spawn here, another popular tactic is to fast travel away and return later, as the chances of spawning are quite low. Keep in mind this is a populated space also, a few pesky Yaran soldiers patrol the area, so be sure to dispatch those first.

Method 2 – Progression/Upgrades

Once progressing far enough into Far Cry 6’s Costa Del Mar region and completing the “Meet The Monteros” operation, you will unlock the “Montero Farm” Guerilla camp. Working here is a lovely foreman whom you’re able to meet. Speaking to him allows you to construct the “Hideout Network” which can later be upgraded. Making sure you construct this system and upgrading it raises your chances of ascertaining the Angelito.


With this network established, each of your hideouts now come equipped with a vehicle out front to hop into straight away. Head over to the Guerilla hideout, shown above, south of Palma Forest. Parked out front, with Hideout Network upgrades purchased, should be sitting a brand new shiny Angelito FW Turbo ready for use. Either scan the Buggy with your mobile phone or drive it to a nearby vehicle pick-up station to add it to your automobile collection.

Far Cry 6 is now available on Playstation 5/4, Xbox One/ Series X/S and Microsoft Windows.

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