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Far Cry 6 Leader Locations: Where to Find All 8 Los Bandidos Leaders

Find talented people to lead your operations across Yara.

How do you get more Los Bandidos Leaders in Far  Cry 6? You can’t fight a revolution on your own, and that’s where Los Bandidos come in. Far Cry 6 features a minigame where you can send out Los Bandidos squads to complete missions that give you plenty of rewards upon completion. These missions play out in real-time though, so you’ll have to go take care of other things until Los Bandidos return. Los Bandidos also need Leaders, which are talented people with special abilities that can be found across Yara. Here’s how to find and recruit all of the Los Bandidos Leaders in Far Cry 6.

All Los Bandidos Leaders in Far Cry 6

There are 8 Los Bandidos Leaders that you can recruit in Far Cry 6, and each of them is listed below.

  • Benito
  • Alfredo Maximo
  • Big Papi
  • Freddy Jr
  • Isabela
  • Marisol
  • Sergio
  • Zenia

Leaders are acquired by completing Yaran Stories all over the island. After you complete a full side quest chain for an eligible Leader, they’ll be added to your roster.


How to Get Benito

Benito is the first Los Bandidos Leader and he is unlocked by default when you unlock the minigame. His recruitment quest takes place in the game’s introduction on Isla Santuario. Benito has the following abilities:

  • Surveyor: +50% Construction success chance
  • Constructor: -50% Metal requirements

How to Get Alfredo Maximo

Alfredo Maximo is unlocked by completing a mission called “The Lion’s Roar” in El Este, the eastern region of Yara. This mission is unlocked by completing main story missions in the area for The Legends and La Moral. Alfredo Maximo has the following abilities:

  • Smooth Talker: +50% Bribery success chance
  • Thrifty: -50% Pesos requirements

How to Get Big Papi

Big Papi is unlocked by completing the Yaran Story called “Big Papi in Little Yara.” You can find this mission on Duende Island off the eastern coast of Valle De Oro. When you approach the location, Juan will call you and the mission will be unlocked. Big Papi has the following abilities:

  • Reckless: +50% Assault success chance
  • Speed Demon: -25% Bandido Operation time

How to Get Freddy Jr

Freedy Jr is unlocked by completing the quest called “Stealing Home.” This mission is unlocked by receiving intel from a random guerilla. This could take a while since they usually just give you intel about FND Cache locations or other items. Once you unlock the mission, you can find it in Segunda in Valle de Oro. Freddy Jr has the following abilities:

  • Sniper: +50% Sniper success chance
  • Long Shot: Choosing Sniper action gives +10% success chance until end of Operation

How to Get Isabela

Isabela can be recruited by completing the Yaran Story called “Wing and a Prayer” which can be found in Noventarmas in Valle de Oro. She’s a package deal, because completing this quest also unlocks Marisol as a Leader as well. Isabela has the following abilities:

  • Surprise!: +50% Ambush success chance
  • Adaptive: +10% success chance to one choice for each step

How to Get Marisol

As stated above, Marisol is unlocked alongside Isabela by completing the Yaran Story called “Wing and a Prayer” in Noventarmas in Valle de Oro. Marisol has the following abilities:

  • Inquirer: +50% Interrogate success chance
  • Field Medic: -50% Medicine requirements

How to Get Sergio

Sergio is unlocked by completing a Yaran Story called “Tricks of the Trade.” You can find this quest in Concepcion, the city on the eastern coast of El Este. You can unlock this quest after completing main story missions in El Este for The Legends of ’67 and La Moral. Sergio has the following abilities:

  • Ghillie Suit: +50% Stealth success chance
  • Super Sneak: Choosing Stealth action gives additional intel about Leader suitability for other Bandido Operations

How to Get Zenia

Zenia is unlocked by completing an entire chain of Yaran Story missions. The first quest is called “Stealing Thunder” and can be found in Madraguda. After that, you can start “Heavy Metal” in the same location. The final mission is called “Paint the Town” and is located in Yara’s capital city, Esperanza. After finishing the third mission, Zenia will be unlocked. Zenia has the following abilities:

  • Sabotage: +50% Sabotage success chance
  • Resourceful: -50% Gasolina requirements

Far Cry 6 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna. Check out our review of the game here.

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