Far Cry 6: The Long Drop Treasure Hunt Guide

A dam dedicated to El Presidente.

by Ben Stroud


Since being added in its previous entry, Far Cry 6 and its treasure hunts are a fun change of pace from the dictator toppling gameplay of the main story path. Throughout Yara, plenty of these quests are placed throughout the country, most simple, yet very rewarding. For this article, we are going to be focusing on “The Long Drop” treasure hunt located in the La Hoya region of Yara, and how to earn your rewards the quickest.

Treasure Hunting

Upon arrival, you may happen to notice a worker struggling to grasp onto the ledge. Unfortunately as he loses his grip, the keycard Dani needs goes along with him. Simply approach the note attacked to the front of the small building, shown towards the left of the above photo, marked by a diamond on your radar, to begin the quest properly. These diamonds have become synonymous with loot/rewards in Far Cry 6. Continuing onwards, it is soon discovered that the water below must be blocked to gain access in retrieving the keycard off of the workers dead body.

Furthermore, to prevent the constant flow of the water, cross back across the dam to find another locked building, fitted with various switches and pressure valves. To gain entry, simply climb onto the buildings roof, to find a window and walkway positioned at the back-side of the building. Landing on the catwalk from above, aim your weapon through the bars to shoot the lock on the other side of the main door.


Destroying the security camera as you enter, there are also various switches and valves that need to be used in a specific order to help alter the dam. Firstly, use the switch located alongside to the annual calendar,on the right side of the area, from there on, hit the button placed on the hydrocaulic machinery. Rotating around, this second switch is situated opposite a red poster in the center of the room, which is currently behind you. The third item to be used is the pressure valve, perfectly aligned behind , with the second button that you had to previously hit.

Finally, located in the second room of the control room, the last pressable button is located, opposite a defusable alarm. Once all objects have been hit, return back to the middle of the dam where the worker lost his grasp. Grappling downwards, the keycard is now easily accessible from above. Finally, returning upwards, the building where the quest begun is now able to be opened with a simple keycard tap, allowing you to at long last grab the treasured item.

Far Cry 6 is now available on Playstation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC

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