Far Cry 6: The Missing Muse Treasure Hunt Guide – Where to Find Rosa

Where has Rosa got to?

by Ben Stroud


Treasure hunts in Far Cry 6 are some of the most entertaining side-quests in the game. Managing to reveal side stories of Yara whilst also rewarding the player make the tasks worthwhile to complete. In this case, we are looking into the “Missing Muse” questline, one of many treasure hunts available. A former poet has left various pages throughout the Pez Volador Diving Club referencing his beloved “Rosa”. Dani is tasked with discovering her whereabouts and ultimately acquiring his reward.

Where to Find Rosa in Far Cry 6

As with most of Far Cry 6’s treasure hunts, the small exclamation mark on your radar is the best place to start. Beginning from the first note, turning around and accessing the first floor of the diving clubs shack, shown in the picture towards the top of the article. There are two useful items to grab whilst here, on the table is a sheet of paper, hinting towards the next steps for the quest. Secondly, next to the chalkboard is a wall of keys assigned numbers. You may notice a certain key is available to grab, take this as it will prove useful later down the line. Returning to the hints written on the slip of paper, the next location is revealed.


For the second step, make your way over to the tiny hut located at the edge of the water, shown above. Here you can find yet another poetic entry focused around Rosa and her disappearance. These written stanzas are completely optional whilst searching, yet they help guide you in what is the best direction to focus on. Furthermore, after the quick read, use the suitably placed zipline to head over towards the minuscule cliff. Climbing towards the edge is our goal here, once atop, find yet another poetic piece, the final one in the series. The aforementioned note hints that you’re going to dive to the depths, all for Rosa.

Finally, after diving off the cliff edge and swimming downward, eventually, you will come across Rosa, a sunken boat that unfortunately has been left alone. Continuing onwards, a chest is located at the open end of the boat, the key you grabbed earlier is required here. Unlocking the chest and acquiring the rewards inside, at long last learning the story of Rosa. Keep in mind also, sharks are a big inhabitant of the Yaran shores.

Partnered with Dani’s interesting lack of holding their breath for long periods, you may find yourself at odds with the underwater creatures. Speed is key here, jumping in, grabbing what you need, and getting out. The longer you linger, the higher the chance visitors will come to call.

Far Cry 6 is now available on Playstation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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