Fastest Ways to Level Up in Clash Royale (2022): Rank Up Fast With These Tips

Fast ways to level up!

by Gordon Bicker


Clash Royale has been on mobile devices for a significant number of years and will observe you creating your custom deck of cards to battle against others and the enemies. There has been a constant stream of updates for the game since its launch and players immerse themselves in the various new updates with the New Year. From a brand new high level for players to achieve and also a new ‘Champions Card’ rarity. Many players are returning to the experience and searching for the fastest ways to level up in Clash Royale this year. This guide article will take you through a few methods that can be utilised to observe you levelling up in no time!

The Fastest Ways to Level up in Clash Royale

There are numerous ways to quickly level up in Clash Royale. Firstly, players will want to build up and optimise their deck in the way that they want to work with when levelling up. One particular method that has seen success for fast levelling by players is to level up all your cards to exactly level 10. This is due to the fact that the gold/exp ratio is at one of the highest at this level for the various cards. In turn, when you are naturally playing through the game with the level 10 cards, you will be able to level up your main level at a much quicker rate.

Due to the popularity of Clash Royale, it is of utmost priority for those players who are wanting to make their mark on the Clash landscape to be able to level up efficiently so utilising these methods will allow them to do that. Another method is to continuously donate cards throughout your gameplay. You will net a significant amount of exp for levelling up and if you donate higher rarity cards you will obtain even higher rewards. With the new inclusion of the ‘Champions Card’ rarity, it may be useful to attempt and donate those cards when you earn them if you have any duplicates you might not be using of them.

However, it should also be noted that simply completing challenges within the game will also net you more exp if you have not already completed them. Playing through the game naturally will ensure that you have a steady flow of exp and furthermore this will then mean that utilising this method in combination with the other two will observe you getting a vast amount of exp at a much quicker rate.

Ultimately, along with all of the other methods, levelling up cards that you may not use frequently and are just sitting effectively gathering dust will earn you even further exp on top of the main cards that you utilise for your deck. Whether you are a new player or are simply wanting to get a quick start on levelling up this year, be sure to utilise any of these methods that work for you.

Will you be levelling up in Clash Royale this month?

Clash Royale is available now on IOS and Android.

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