Fastest Ways to Level Up Operators in Call of Duty: Vanguard

Unlock their additional outfits and quips by following these methods.

by Elliott Gatica
Call of Duty Vanguard

Call of Duty: Vanguard has a surprising amount of content in its multiplayer, so players are going to spend a lot of time playing the different content. Like the past few games, Vanguard brings back Operators, characters who you can play as all with their own unique personalities and quips, adding a bit more variety in player loadouts. However, they can also be leveled up as a means of giving dedicated players different ways to play as well as having more things to level up. Here, we’ll show you some of the fastest ways to level up Operators in Vanguard.

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Fastest ways to level up Operators in Call of Duty: Vanguard

There are many ways to level up Operators in the game, however, if you want to get through them quickly so you can play the game and focus on other challenges, follow one or more of these methods.

Play Domination

Perhaps one of the staples and go-to modes for a handful of players in the Call of Duty series, Domination is a quick game mode that focuses on objectives but is also a mode for lots of firefights. There are people who can rack up tons of kills by just picking out stragglers and people trying to capture objectives.

K/D does not matter all too much in this mode, though the people on the top will have noticeably higher kill counts compared to those on the bottom. Since it’s an objective-based mode, it allows for kill counts to go above significantly compared to other modes like TDM, free-for-all, and Search and Destroy.

Chances are, as you rack up tons of kills and a handful of wins along the way, your XP will boost up based on your performance. You’ll passively unlock things quickly for your Operator that way.


Use an Operator’s favorite weapon in your loadout

Another one of the fastest ways to level up Operators in Vanguard is to use their favorite weapons. There are 12 base-game Operators, so that gives you at least 12 options of different weapons to choose from. If you use their favorite weapon, you will earn additional Operator and weapon XP. You can even use different attachments and blueprints for a specific weapon tied to that Operator.

This will mean that you should stick to that one weapon until a match concludes. Switching to another loadout with a different weapon won’t count the bonus. It’ll also encourage you to have different loadouts that correspond to that specific character. Finally, note that you are tied to that Operator for the duration of an entire match.

Play in an active clan with members

Clans are a good way to give yourself more distinction online, especially if you’re queueing with friends. Getting into a game with all of the same tags does give you that sense of power, but it has its benefits. If you play with someone in your clan, you and your clanmate will get a 10% XP boost towards your operators, weapons, levels, and clan.

Playing with friends does have its upsides, but if you are a loner, try to at least join a rather popular and active one in-game. Play with some people and reap those benefits!


Complete Operator-specific challenges

Finally, the last way to get a boost for your Operators is to finish their challenges. Completing them will give you a hearty amount of XP. Each one has 20 levels to complete, so there is some minimal dedication. Completing challenges will speed up the process, especially if you pair that with the aforementioned methods of leveling up the Operators quickly.

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