FFVII The First Soldier Connection Error Fix: Status Code CO2 504 Solution

A common error comes with with a simple solution

by Michael Sagoe

FFVII The First Solider has recently been released for iOS and Android devices, and while the game has been having a mixed reception so far, many players have been having trouble just being able to log in and play. While there have been many different error codes flying around, the most common error that users have been seeing the most has been: Status Code CO2 504. In this article, we’ll quickly show you what this error means, and how to fix it so you can get back to battle in the world of Final Fantasy VII.

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What is “Status Code: CO2 504”?

Simply put: Status Code CO2 504 is an error informing you that the game’s network connection is unstable. While the error tells you to check the connection on your end, this is most likely a server issue. Many users were having this issue the moment that the game launched, suggesting that the servers were getting overloaded with too many players connecting at once. Shortly afterward, the servers were taken down for a maintenance check to resolve the connection issues.

How to fix the error

At the moment, there is no quick solution to fixing this error. As mentioned above, the issue is server-sided, so the only solution right now is to simply wait and come back to the game at a later time. When the number of players coming to the game slows, or once the developers have finished performing maintenance, the error should stop appearing for you. Also: Make sure that you’re connecting with a stable internet connection and are attempting to play in areas that have decent connection speed or wi-fi strengths before attempting to log in.  At the time of this article, an official statement on the FFVII First Solider website has mentioned a completed maintenance check on the servers, so any serverside connection issues should be resolved by now. If the issue persists, just be sure to log off and try again while checking your own connections.


If you managed to log back in, then congratulations. You beat Status Code C02 504! Now take advantage of the global launch events such as Ranked Played and special skins based on Cloud and Tifa sporting their Final Fantasy VII Remake look. You can also take a gander at their Season 1 Battle Pass, containing various different skins and unlocks from Final Fantasy VII Remake including Hojo and Rufus skins.

FFVII The First Solider is now available on mobile devices for iOS and Android.