FFXIV: How to Claim Endwalker Collector’s Edition Mount and Items

A tragic reminder of what early access is.

by J.T. Isenhour

With the early access release of Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, many players are wondering where their collector’s edition content is. The lack of collector’s edition content is not stopping players from leveling up the new classes as quickly as they can. However, there had been no word from Final Fantasy XIV on where their content was. Luckily we finally know where our missing content is. The issue is that getting this content is going to take time. Let’s go over how you can get your collector’s edition content.

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How to get your FFXIV Endwalker Collector’s Edition items

Sadly, you will have to wait for the official launch of Endwalker on December 7th. While many players expected to receive the mount and other content in their mailbox alongside the earring and minion for pre-ordering, they were sadly disappointed. Then players held out hope that it would appear in their mailbox when Endwalker’s early access began, but once again they were let down. finally, players have received confirmation that they will receive their collector’s edition goodies alongside the official launch.

When the expansion officially launches on the 7th, players should expect another email similar to the one that provided the early access code. By using this code on the mogstation, players will gain access to the full release of Endwalker as well as their collector’s edition content. Just like most mogstation purchases, you will find your collector’s edition items in a mail from Final Fantasy XIV in the in-game postbox. Then you will finally have the Arion mount, a Porom minion and the Death scythe.


What this whole ordeal has brought to light is that while Endwalker may seem fully released it is still technically not out yet. All of the content is in the game that should be there and all of it could be completed before the official launch on the 7th. Normally when something is called early access, players expect it to not be completed. But since Endwalker is fully there players forget that this is early access.

There really is no reason that players couldn’t have their collector’s edition content but sadly it seems Final Fantasy XIV will make them wait for the official launch to get their hands on what they were promised. While you wait for your collector’s edition content to be delivered why not check out our other guides for Endwalker and all the new content.

Final Fantasy XIV is available on PC, PS4 and PS5.

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