FFXIV: How to Make More Gil As a Culinarian

Ring that dinner bell, it's time to get some cash.

by Andron Smith

Be honest, you’re having trouble figuring out how to make more Gil as a Culinarian. It’s fairly well known that Culinarians have the lowest single item earning potential out of all of the Disciples of the Hand especially when compared to Goldsmith or Weaver. What’s more, to really turn a good profit, you’ll want to level up Botanist and Fisher alongside it or face the wrath of high material prices. However, what Culinarian lacks in high-priced single items, they more than make up for in the consistency of sales. IE, your goal is to move lots of items to everyone and not a single high-priced item to those with deep pockets. Here’s everything we know about how to make more Gil as a Culinarian in Final Fantasy XIV.

How to Make More Gil As a Culinarian in Final Fantasy XIV

The best ways to earn more Gil as a Culinarian in Final Fantasy XIV are to aim to HQ the newest battle/crafting/gathering meals, provide people leveling up Culinarian with HQ turn-ins for leves and quests, and of course, supply stock for what isn’t on the market board. Check below for in-depth explanations on how to make more Gil as a Culinarian in Final Fantasy XIV.

New Patches & Culinarians

What does every player do when a new patch comes out? Well, raiders (end game battle content-focused players) will look for what is currently BiS (best in slot). This means they’re looking to buy new armor, weapons, materia, and also food! That’s where you come in. By ensuring your gear is at the highest it can be in terms of craftsmanship and control via material and other means, you’ll be ready when a new patch hits to craft as much battle food as you can. Aim for HQ but don’t just throw away your NQ either. Even though most battle content players will purchase the expensive HQ items, especially early on, there are plenty of players who can’t afford it (or don’t need it) and will instead go for the cheaper regular or NQ versions.

Outside of raiders, mid to high-end crafters and gatherers seek food that boosts their skills in crafting or gathering to new heights. They’ll also be looking to get in on the new stuff so be sure to check your recipe book for anything you can make.

Remember that your prices will spike really high at the beginning of a patch and then normalize over time. As stated before, you’re not in it for one single item selling for a buttload, but instead should focus on diversification and offering the best battle, crafting, and gathering food available. Most recipes yield three items for each craft so pay attention to how people are buying. Crafters may buy a stack of 99 at once while raiders may just need 10 (300 minutes) worth of food. Don’t neglect food from previous patches either as just because the new hotness came out, it doesn’t mean the old and busted isn’t still reliable and sought after.

Help the Newbies

It’s easy to ignore new players once you reach endgame, however, that is a recipe for failure. Heh. Puns aside, new players won’t be using food for stats but they will definitely read walkthroughs and Reddit to learn the quickest way to level up. That is currently through Guildleves and Grand Company turn-ins. In addition, most new players will check the market board for the food needed to turn in for their Culinarian quest and this is where you can really make some decent Gil.

Review the Culinarian quests on the official site and see what you can make to help those newbies along. Review the multi-turn-in Leves and put up for sale the exact quantity of meals or ingredients needed at a price newer players can afford. Most Leves ask that you turn in three – nine, so make and put up stacks of this quantity so players are more enticed to buy them. While 99 is a bigger number meaning a larger windfall all at once for you, most people leveling up crafters can’t afford that. This method is especially great as most crafts, once you hit 80 or beyond, are an automatic HQ thanks to them being more than 10 levels below your own. This is a no-brainer.

Need a Restock On Aisle 9

Finally, and probably the most important is reviewing the market board under meals and ingredients to see what is at low (one – three in stock) or no quantity. Restocking items with no competition at the time is a great way to set a fair price you make profit on and know at least for a little while, you’ll be the only game in town. Whenever you do this, review the sales history and  think through the below before committing to stock the product:

  • Are the items out of stock because no one is buying them or because there was no stock for a long time. A good measure of this is the sales history will stop suddenly but before that, multiples were selling in a day/month.
  • Are the items up for offer currently too expensive compared to sales history? If so, see why they are being put up for so much. Perhaps the materials are too expensive or they were the only game in town before you got here.
  • Are other crafters just not wanting to waste their time? Unfortunately, a lot of players look at sales history and see items selling for hundreds of Gil with zero quantity available and decide not to invest their time. However if there are none up for sale, why not try listing some for higher? Push that limit and see what players are willing to pay for the item and you’ve just turned a low revenue item into a profitable one.

Once you’ve found some items like this, get a few listed but DO NOT focus on just that item. Diversification of goods will ensure you’re not stuck with hundreds of smoked chickens not moving and a migraine battling other crafters to get them out the door. Instead, try to find multiple items to sell and redo this process overtime to really make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

With all that said, Culinarian is definitely not the quickest earner but they are one of the most consistent ones. Follow these tips and show them who the real Gordon Ramsey (or perhaps someone nicer) of Eorzea is! Final Fantasy XIV is available on PC, PS4, and PS5. Be sure to check out our other Gil earning guides while you’re here.

- This article was updated on September 2nd, 2021