FFXIV: How to Make More Gil As a Goldsmith

Make some ching ching with your bling bling.

by Andron Smith

How to make more Gil as a Goldsmith is a bit of a tricky topic. Unlike other crafters like Weaver and Leatherworker, Goldsmiths rarely have crossover crafts that allow them to provide sought-after cosmetic items or any items for that matter that are not ingots, jewelry, or other very specialized crafts. However, this is a case where instead of moving on to another crafter, you should focus on Goldsmith’s strengths and aim to maximize your profit on each. Miner has the best synergy with Goldsmith as you can gather some of the more expensive ore yourself then smelt them down into intricate works of art without breaking the bank in the process. Goldsmith becomes a true Gil earning powerhouse once you realize that every other class typically requires items you make to finish their high-level crafts. With that said, here’s everything we know about how to make more Gil as a Goldsmith in Final Fantasy XIV.

How to Make More Gil As a Goldsmith in Final Fantasy XIV

The best ways to earn more Gil as a Goldsmith in Final Fantasy XIV are to focus on creating “must-have” materials for other crafters and supplying jewelry to the world. That’s it but that’s actually a lot. See below for a breakdown of how to really pull everything you can out of Goldsmith.

Other Crafters Need Your Help

While there are plenty of players out there with every disciple of the hand fully leveled up (Omni-crafters), there are more than enough who don’t want to put in that level of effort and instead focus on one or two crafters to get their Gil. These players are forced to rely on others for specific materials only available from other crafters’ efforts if they plan on making the newest items. These include leathers from Leatherworker and a series of gems and ingots from Goldsmith to name a couple. This is where the strategy comes in.

Instead of working super hard just on making necklaces and rings for every class and hoping for a sale – creating beads, ingots, or other items required to complete a craft by another job will be more profitable in the long run. While your customer base is limited on the market board for something like the Exarchic Ring of Aiming to those who can equip them, the Solstice Ingot needed to craft these are used in recipes by Carpenters, Blacksmiths, Armorers, Leatherworkers, and Alchemists. So by focusing on the Soltice Ingots and other items instead, you have a wider audience of buyers and therefore more chance of sales and Gil flowing in. That’s not to say to avoid jewelry entirely, but to also consider selling some of the materials needed along the way. That’s diversification.

Get Your Bling Right Here

Goldsmith makes jewelry. Period. While the materials mentioned above will net you consistent sales, necklaces, bracelets, and rings will give you those nice spikes of profit especially close to a new patch release. The best way to ensure you make a good profit when crafting jewelry is to price out your materials correctly. Are there materials you can only get from Tomestones? If so, put in the work to earn enough for two crafts instead of just one. Having a price of “your time” gives you more profit in the end. From there, are there materials needed for the craft that you are unable to craft yourself? If so, why not ask a free company mate to do them for you if they have the crafter ready to go. Again, you’re looking to save as much cost as possible as you want to get as close to pure profit as you can. If you’re unsure where to focus on jewelry, here are our tips.

  • Craft rings in twos. People always need two rings and crafted ones are some of the few that can be equipped together. Listing two rings instead of one will usually result in two sales once the first one goes. Nice!
  • Don’t ignore the newer players, they need jewelry too. Look through the market board for rings, bracelets, and earrings that are needed through leveling. If they are out, HQ them and set them at a competitive price. Remember that leveling adventurers are less likely to pay 100k for a ring they are going to use for just two levels. The higher the level though, the more you should charge as players gain money throughout the MSQ.
  • Craft for crafters and gatherers. It sucks getting enough materials to get your own gear to the max and it takes away from the time you could be spending to make more Gil. So most crafters and gatherers immediately go and just shell out for the best gear before continuing their crafting season. This is due to them expecting to make their money back over time so they’ll invest to reach that point.

That’s the short and sweet way to make more Gil as a Goldsmith. Just give Johnny Dang the courtesy by letting him know you’re (virtually) moving in on his turf. Final Fantasy XIV is available on PC, PS4, and PS5. Be sure to check out our other Gil earning guides while you’re here.

- This article was updated on September 2nd, 2021