FFXIV: How to Unlock the Scholar Job

Time to shine on the battlefield.

by Andron Smith

Final Fantasy XIV has some really fun healers and learning how to unlock Scholar will open up a new world filled with fairies and shields. Well, maybe not a new world per se but that is their whole thing. Scholar is a shield-based healer. Each Adloquium or Succor they cast applies the effect of Galvanize on their recipients that not only recovers health but adds a damage absorption as well. Playing Scholar takes a bit of planning ahead as the Galvanize effect takes a second to activate meaning if you cast alongside damage going out, it won’t be applied until after the damage in most cases. We could go on and on about how to play Scholar effectively but first, you need to unlock it! Here’s everything we know on how to Unlock the scholar Job in Final Fantasy XIV.

How to Unlock the Scholar Job in Final Fantasy XIV

To unlock the scholar job in Final Fantasy XIV, you need to level the Arcanist job to level 30 then complete the quest Forgotten but Not Gone located at Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (x:4.5, y:11.3). Once completed, you’ll receive the Scholar Soul Crystal. Be sure to equip it! See below for the full requirements and steps to unlock Scholar.

A Tale of Fairies and Tonberries

As mentioned, see below for a quick rundown of what needs to be completed to unlock the Scholar job.

  • If not already available, unlock Arcanist in Limsa Lominsa at the Arcanist’s Guild and level it to 30
  • Complete the Arcanist class quest Sinking Doesmaga
  • Complete the main story quest Sylph-management
  • Complete the Scholar unlock Quest Forgotten but Not Gone
  • Equip the Scholar Soul Crystal
  • ???
  • Enjoy!

Final Fantasy XIV is available on PC, PS4, and PS5. Be sure to check out our other Final Fantasy XIV guides while you’re here!