FFXIV Little Ladies’ Day 2022 Guide: How to Get the Crown

Fashion first.

by Diego Perez


Little Ladies’ Day is rolling around once again in Final Fantasy XIV, and this year, players can earn a special crown that is sure to become a glamour staple very soon. While Eorzea’s Warriors of Light recently vanquished mighty foes and forestalled an apocalypse in the recent Endwalker expansion, there’s still time for celebration until the release of Patch 6.1 in April. Little Ladies’ Day is just a small event that shouldn’t take players too long to complete, and it won’t be active for very long.

How to Start the Little Ladies’ Day 2022 Quest in FFXIV

Little Ladies Day will take place from Monday, March 14 through Thursday, March 31, giving players the rest of the month to take part in the festivities and snag a free reward in the process. To begin the event, head to Ul’dah – Steps of Nald and speak with Marabel (X: 10.1, Y:8.7) to receive a quest called “Fashion Face-off.” You only have to be Level 15 to participate in this quest.


This quest will see players assisting Marabel in preparing for this year’s Little Ladies’ Day walk-off. As the name suggests, glamour will play a large role in this quest and it should be a fun time for everyone involved.

How to Get the Little Lady’s Crown

After completing the Fashion Face-off quest for Marabel, players will be rewarded with the Little Ladies’ Crown. This is the only reward for this year’s event, so there won’t be any necessary grinding of FATES or things like that to earn currency for a seasonal vendor. Once you get the crown, you’re done with the event.

Despite its name, the Little Ladies’ Crown can be worn by both male and female Final Fantasy XIV players. It’ll look cute on Lalafells, but it’ll also suit burly Roegadyn players as well. After all, everyone deserves to feel pretty. Once you get the crown, place it in your Glamour Dresser for safe keeping. That way, you can use it in all of your future outfits. This crown will only be available during this event, so don’t miss out or you’ll have to wait to purchase it on the Mog Station sometime next year.

Final Fantasy XIV is available now on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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