FFXIV Moogle Treasure Trove 6.4: Fat Cat Parasol and All Rewards

All rewards for Moogle Treasure Trove in FFXIV.

by Christian Bognar
Moogle Treasure Trove 2023
Image: Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV Moogle Treasure Hunt begins on August 27. 2023 and players will want to take advantage of it. In celebration of FFXIV’s 10th anniversary, the new event has a lot of rewards in store for players. This guide will cover all rewards for the Moogle Treasure Hunt in Final Fantasy XIV.

All Rewards for the Moogle Treasure Trove 6.4 in Final Fantasy 14

During the Moogle Treasure Hunt for Final Fantasy XIV, players can earn a limited-time item called Tomestones. Players can then exchange these Tomestones for a variety of rewards. Check out all the rewards available below.

Rewards for 1 Tomestone

Players will only need one Tomestone to get the reward listed here. Keep in mind that these rewards are expected outside of the Moogle Event, so it may be wise to keep your Tomestone and start saving up for the rewards that cost more.

  • Various Accessories and Minion

Rewards for 10 Tomestones

Rewards for 10 Tomestones involve a collector item and cards players can purchase on the market board. Since the cards can be bought on the Market Board, you may want to skip them.

  • 10th Anniversary Portrait
  • Triple Triad Card

Rewards for 20 Tomestones

The rewards for 20 Tomestones are perfect for those looking to improve their housing.

  • Furniture Items

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Rewards for 30 Tomestones

Starting at 30 Tomestones, players have a great variety of rewards to choose from. Check them out below.

  • Reveling Kamoy and Other Mounts
  • Sigma Escape V4 Orchestrion Rolls
  • Pixie Beast Tribe Orchestrion Roll
  • Garden Skates Orchestrion Roll

Rewards for 50 Tomestones

Getting 50 Tomestones can take some time, but they are worth it as you’ll get the chance to claim from the list below.

  • Various Mounts from Extreme Trials
  • Various Orchestrion Rolls
  • Sky Blue Parasol
  • Toad Head and Toad Suit

Rewards for 100 Tomestones

The highest tier of rewards require 100 Tomestones. For your hard work, you’ll be able to claim the following rewards:

  • Fat Cat Parasol
  • Both Ways Hairstyle
  • Samurai Barding
  • Warrior of Light Card
  • Shiva Emote
  • Slash Sweat Emote
  • High Five and Sweep Up Emotes
  • Slash Guard Emote
  • Various Mounts
  • Emet-Selch Triple Triad Card
  • Various Orchestrion Rolls

How to Earn Tomestones

Earning Tomestones happens by participating in specific modes and events throughout the game. Complete these as much as possible to increase your Tomestone income. Here are all the available methods for players to earn Tomestones.

  • Alliance Raids (Up to 14 Tomestones)
  • PVP Modes (Up to 10 Tomestones)
  • Unreal Trials (Tomestomes vary)
  • Leveling Dungeons (Tomestones vary)
  • Normal Raids (4 Tomestones)

The Moogle Treasure Hunt will last from August 27, 2023, until the launch of patch 3.5. There’s no definite date on that, but it’ll likely last around two weeks when looking at previous years.

- This article was updated on August 21st, 2023

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