FFXIV: Strange Bedfellows Quest Walkthrough

You can get stuck here if you're not paying attention.

by Diego Perez


Strange Bedfellows is a quest that Final Fantasy XIV players will encounter once they reach the Garlemald section of Endwalker, but some players are encountering an issue that is preventing them from making any progress. The first half of the quest just involves speaking to people, but the second half seems to have a strange bug of some kind according to some players. There aren’t any glitches with this quest, however. There’s just something that some players have been overlooking. Here’s how to complete the Strange Bedfellows quest in Final Fantasy XIV.

How to Complete Strange Bedfellows in Final Fantasy XIV

To begin the quest, speak to Lucia at Camp Broken Glass. She’ll send you all the way to the northeastern corner of the region to speak with Alisaie, who will then send you to go talk to Sabinianus and the other Imperials a short distance to the south in Tertium.

Finally, you’ll have to speak with Alphinaud, who will ask you to survey the designated locations and deal with any enemies that appear. This is the part that most people are getting stuck on, but it’s really not that complicated once you figure out what you have to do.


Survey the Designated Locations and Deal with Any Enemies That Appear

Some of the designated locations will have monsters ambush you, while others will have Tempered Imperials waiting to attack. Some players have noted that Tempered Imperials will enter a downed state where they cannot be killed. This is not a bug, though. This is intentional, and you need to use an item called the Conqueror’s Chain on them in order to complete the quest.

This is because the Scions are doing everything in their power to avoid unnecessary bloodshed while on Garlean soil, so Alphinaud asks you to incapacitate any Tempered Imperials that you encounter rather than kill them. If you glazed over the quest dialogue, you may not realize this though. You’re given two Conqueror’s Chains for this quest, and there are two Tempered Imperials that you need to subdue.

After surveying the fourth designated location, speak to Thancred outside of Camp Broken Glass. Then, go back to Lucia in Camp Broken Glass to turn in the quest and move on to the next one. That’s all there is for the Strange Bedfellows quest! The next quest, In From the Cold, can be quite confusing as well, but there’s plenty of content coming up soon that makes everything worth the wait.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker is available now on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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