FFXVI Carrot Hunt Location: Where is the Whispering Waters in Rosaria?

This guide will cover where to find Whispering Waters for the Carrot Hunt in Final Fantasy 16.

by Christian Bognar
Final Fantasy 16 Carrot Hunt
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Wondering where the Whispering Waters in Rosaria is so you can slay Carrot? Carrot Notorious Mark is one of the harder out of the B-ranks, not just in difficulty but also in finding it. Unlike other hunts in the game, Carrot has a prerequisite a player must meet first to start looking for this monster. This guide will cover how to unlock and where to find Carrot in Final Fantasy 16.

How to Find Whispering Waters for the Carrot Hunt in Final Fantasy 16

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Final Fantasy 16 players must first speak to Nigel in the Hideaway and accept the quest “Please, Sir, Can I Have Some Morbol” to unlock Carrot at the Hunt Board. Once you have this side quest in your quest log, you can start hunting down Carrot.

Players can find Carrot by fast-traveling to the Three Reeds Obelisk in Rosaria and heading northwest until they reach a pathway to a large pond called The Whispering Waters. Head into this pond and a short cutscene will begin, where Carrot will pop out of the water, and the battle will commence. Carrot’s exact location can be found in the image below, where my yellow marker is located.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

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How to Beat Carrot in Final Fantasy 16

Fighting Carrot is similar to the Morbol you fight at the beginning of Final Fantasy 16, but there is still some challenge here if you don’t play your cards correctly. Carrot is a rank-B, but don’t let that make you think it’ll be an easy fight.

The first attack that Carrot uses is Worse Breath, where it summons a cloud of acid breath that surrounds the entire area of the battlefield. For this attack, dodge through the breath with the right timing to avoid taking damage.

Next, Carrot will bury itself in the ground and pop up in a different location. When Carrot starts burying itself, run around the battlefield to get some distance from it and waits for the monster to pop back up. When Carrot returns, it will lunge at you — this attack is delayed, so give it a few seconds before hitting that evade button.

Other than those two primary attacks, make sure to avoid Carrot’s acid puddles that it leaves behind as it moves around. Keep these attacks in mind going into the fight; you should be golden. Once you beat Carrot, your reward is 1x Morbol Tendril, 1x Morbol Flower, 10000 Gil, and 20 Renown.

- This article was updated on July 27th, 2023

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