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FIFA 19 How to do Quick Slide Tackle

Bounce back from a slide tackle attempt more quickly.

by William Schwartz


Using the slide tackle in FIFA 19 is still a viable option when it comes to playing defense. This move allows you to slide and try to take the ball away from the offense. The only problem with the slide tackle is that there’s a lengthy animation after you perform the move that takes place. If you miss the tackle, it could take a couple of seconds for your player to recover and return to their feet.

However, if you use this trick when doing the Slide Tackle, you can do a quick Slide Tackle where you’ll get up much faster. The quick slide tackle is done just like the normal slide tackle, but instead of just hitting the X Button (Xbox) or Square Button (PS4) to do the move, you’ll double tap the button instead.

How to Slide Tackle Quickly

Xbox: Double-Tap X Button
PS4: Double-Tap Square Button

You’ll find that the animation gets shortened up a bit when pressing the button multiple times. You’ll also see your player snap back to a position where they can still move around much more quicker than the traditional tackle.

There’s really not any benefit to doing the traditional single press slide tackle in FIFA 19. If you can remember to double tap the button when making a slide tackle attempt, it’s almost always beneficial to do so.

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