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How to Play Good Defense in FIFA 19

Clamp down on opposing attacks with these moves.

by William Schwartz


Defense might be the less flashy side of soccer, but it’s paramount to winning. Being able to slow down your opponents scoring will always be helpful and in this year’s FIFA game there are some old and new options to explore on the defensive front.

Many of your basic controls are still here. There are standing tackles, slide tackles, jockeying, and new containment moves. Using a combination of these buttons will make you a better defender in FIFA 19.

FIFA 19 Defense Controls


Standing Tackle – B button
Slide Tackle – X button
Jockey – Hold LT
Teammate Contain – RB button
Solo Contain – A button


Standing Tackle – Circle button
Slide Tackle – Square button
Jockey – Hold L2
Teammate Contain – R1 button
Solo Contain – A button

The containment features in FIFA 19 are pretty helpful if you have problems keeping a player in front of you. Simply pressing the A button will put you in a low-risk solo containment stance which keeps the player in front of you. Combining this with the Teammate contain and you bring teammates over to help you. This strategy can overwhelm the attacking player and potentially force them into an errant pass or highly contested shot. Using multiple players on defense can also open up an opportunity for the defending player to use a standing tackle or slide tackle to try and take away the ball when an opening presents itself.

On the flip side, using too much teammate contain can leave holes in your defense as players will be out of position.

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