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How to Use Active Touch in FIFA 19

Active touch will change the way you play offense in FIFA 19.

by William Schwartz


Active Touch in FIFA 19 is a brand new gameplay system that allows you to pull off some incredible moves without the need to memorize some of the skill moves that have been in FIFA for quite some time.  The new system is all centered around clicking in the Right Thumbstick when you have possession of the ball or when you are about to receive a pass.

With the new Active Touch system you can click in the right stick to flip the ball up and start juggling or you can use to do a unique first touch where any number of things can happen depending on the player’s rating.  A number of different right stick flicks can create amazing results when combined with the Right Stick Press as well as left thumbstick for directional movement.

FIFA 19 How to Use Active Touch

Knee Juggle: Click Right Stick (R3) while standing.  For each touch of the ball continue clicking in the Right Stick (R3).

Side Flick:  While running use the left stick to change direction of player and then press in the right thumbstick to flick the ball in different directions.  Continue pressing Right Thumbstick to chain together different combinations of moves.

Flick Volley:  While chaining flick moves, you can then press the LT + B Buttons (Xbox) or L1 + Circle (PlayStation) for a volley shot or bicycle kick.

Sole trap:  LT + Press in R3 Thumbstick (Xbox) L2 + Press in R3 Thumbstick (PlayStation).  Player will attempt to trap the ball with the bottom of their foot.  Move is dependent on player skill level.  5 star player required for this move.

A number of different moves in the Active touch system are dependent on the ratings of players.  For example, players can do unique first touches with a high rating by using the LT/L2 button.

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