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Final Fantasy 14 – How to Improve Skysteel Tools in Patch 5.35

I hope you have a good podcast or audiobook on hand.

by Brandon Adams


It’s time to upgrade our Skysteel Tools (AKA gatherer/crafter relics) in Final Fantasy 14, and if you thought the last stage was a slog then you’ll adore what’s been added in patch 5.35. And by adore I mean loathe with the very core of your being.

Skysteel Tools are once again upgraded via a lot gathering and crafting.

The process for upgrading your Skysteel Tools is conceptually the same as it was in patch 5.25. You’ll need to farm up/craft a specific amount of a two unique items, then turn them in with your tool for the upgrade. The fun part? You’re gonna have to farm/craft a shitload of materials. To kick off this phase of the quest, return to Foundation in Ishgard and once more talk to Neillemard. After, turn the quest in to Nimie to get the ball rolling.

Denys’ role in all of this has shifted somewhat. Instead of brining all the materials to him (that’s Nimie’s role now), you’ll need to choose the “Materials Exchange” for either crafting or gathering (depending on what tool you are upgrading). The process and amounts are different between crafters and gatherers, though both are in for a slog.

For gatherers, you will see one of the two items from your list in the “Materials Exchange”, and you’ll need 10 high quality versions of a new Skysteel material to grab 1 of your required items. Or, to put it bluntly, get ready to farm 500 high quality goods. And this, by the way, is just for stage 1 of the new upgrades. Furthermore, your second item will be the “Hidden” drop from gathering nodes, so have fun. You can track down both items you need to gather via the Gathering Log, under the Special tab and Skysteel Tools.

Crafters get to busy themselves over their absolute favorite thing: collectability. You’ll need to craft two different items that are each redeemed for another item via Denys’s exchange. You’ll need at least 3000 collectability from the 3-star recipe to net two of your required item, and 2000 from the 2-star to grab two of the second. 4600+ and 4000+ will net you five of each respectively. Once again, this is only stage 1.

Once I melt my face off and reach stage 2 I will update this guide, but needless to say Skysteel Tool upgrades in 5.35 are pretty straight-forward. Painfully, tediously straight-forward. Now excuse me as I deforest Yanxia for a slightly better hatchet.

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