Final Fantasy 16 Combat Scoring System Explained: All Colors and Points

Are you wondering what all the colors relate to for combat in Final Fantasy XVI?

by Gordon Bicker
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Final Fantasy XVI has a vast array of combat mechanics for you to get used to while you are progressing through the game, and there will also be colors and stars appearing on the screen. This can be a confusing system to understand at first for some, even though it does look interesting at a glance. This article will take you through the combat scoring system in Final Fantasy XVI.

Final Fantasy 16 Colors and Points Explained for Combat Scoring

When you are engaging in combat, you will very quickly notice that when you perform any technique, a colored text pops up on the screen informing you of what technique it was — stars will also be next to that. The colors (and stars) relate to the difficulty of the technique but when you play arcade mode all of this will also relate to a point scoring system to receive a grade. The scores are as follows below.

Color Linked to TextOne Star PointsTwo Stars PointsThree Stars Points

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Chained together precision dodges (avoiding an enemy’s attack just before it hits with the precision dodge mechanic) is an excellent way to build up score in arcade mode. I recommend combining that with other higher-quality techniques like those you will find in the Green and Rainbow category. The White to Blue color techniques are those you will want to rack up a lot of points before getting into some of the deeper techniques to buff your score up further.

How to Activate Arcade Mode in Final Fantasy 16

Arcade Mode can be activated by first reaching Cid’s Hideaway after the “A Chance Encounter” main quest in the game. From here, you can use the “Arete Stone” to start up Arcade Mode and replay through a stage that you would like. This will allow you to put the full extent of the point and color scoring system to the test.

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Now that you know how all of the combat scoring system works in arcade mode, you can keep track of what techniques will be the most effective for you based on their color and star rating. Time to get busy battling in style with Clive once again.

- This article was updated on June 23rd, 2023

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