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Final Fantasy 7 Remake – How to Get Big Bertha, How to Get Maximum Fury Ability

A literal "hand" cannon.

by Brandon Adams


There are various weapons Cloud and company can equip in Final Fantasy VII Remake, and some have to be purchased from shops throughout the game. Barret’s Big Bertha is one such weapon, though you’ll need to be well over half-way into the story to grab this cannon.

Big Bertha is available in Chapter 13 at the weapon vendor before returning to Sector 7.

After Cloud, Tifa and Barret leave Aerith’s home they’ll need to cut through the collapsed expressway to return to Sector 7. There isn’t anything crazy you’ll need to do to make it across, except take down a few monsters and bandits who are in your path.

Once you make it through you’ll enter the playground from earlier in the game, and the weapon merchant from Sector 7 will have a little stall set up. Talk to him to find Big Bertha among his wares for 2500 gil.


Big Bertha is a powerhouse weapon for Barret that comes with three materia slots (with one linked pair). You can upgrade it to hold an additional piece of materia, and it comes with a bunch of +HP nodes.

Big Bertha comes equipped with the Maximum Fury ability in Final Fantasy VII Remake, which will consume all ATB bars to fire a long stream of bullets at the enemy. The more ATB the more bullets. The bonus is simple on paper, but can be tricky with a full party: you need to land the finishing blow on an enemy with the ability. Thing is, there is a section after you buy the weapon that will see Barret wandering alone, and it’s the perfect time to master Maximum Fury.

- This article was updated on:April 11th, 2020

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