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Final Fantasy 7 Remake – How to Get Mythril Claws, How to Get Chi Trap Ability

They may have claws, but these gloves are for casting.

by Brandon Adams


There are various weapons Cloud and company can equip in Final Fantasy VII Remake, and some have to be pried from the cold dead hands of a boss. Tifa’s Mythril Claws are one such weapon, though you’ll need to be deep within the story to grab them.

The Mythril Claws are earned after defeating the Failed Experiment.

To earn the Mythril Claws for Tifa you’ll need to be near the end of Chapter 13, where the battle against the monstrous Failed Experiment takes place. This is an easy boss fight: just target it’s appendage with Barret and use his Charge and Maximum Overdrive to quickly take it out.

Once the appendage is removed you can target the creature’s heart. Do this a couple of times to best the baddie, and you’ll be rewarded with the Mythril Claws once it’s dead.

At a glance you may think the Mythril Claws are for attack power, but they’re actually all about casting. They do come with decent damage though, but only have three materia slots (two are linked).

Chi Trap is a bit of an interesting ability in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Instead of attacking an enemy directly, Tifi will drop a damaging orb wherever you cast the ability. It does stun enemies, and is great for crowd control. The bonus is perhaps one of the easiest to trigger: strike an enemy with Chi Trap! So, place it in a crowd and watch that mastery soar.

- This article was updated on:April 11th, 2020

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