Final Fantasy 7 Remake – How to Get Nail Bat Weapon for Cloud, How to Get Disorder Ability

Tank and spank with this brutal weapon.

by Brandon Adams
Final Fantasy 7 Remake - How to Get Nail Bat for Cloud

There are a variety of weapons to use in Final Fantasy VII Remake, but not all of them are easily found within a shop. A few you need to go out of your way to acquire, such as the Nail Bat for Cloud.

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The Nail Bat can be earned in Chapter 8 after completing Kids on Patrol.

The Nail Bat for Cloud is all about health and critical strikes, but comes without any materia slots prior to being upgraded. It’s ability, Disorder, allows Cloud to deliver a devastating attack that will switch him between stances. To learn Disorder faster you just have to attack an enemy with a regular or strong attack after switching stances.

To complete Kids on Patrol you need to first reach the Sector 5 slums with Aerith, and have found the two missing kids. Once you have done that you will unlock side quests for the region, and can return to the Leaf Orphanage to kick this one off.

The five missing kids are scattered across the slums, and are easy enough to find. They all have a wooden Buster Sword on their backs, and a bright green icon over their heads. Once you have found all five children they’ll eventually ask you to take down the Toad King, which Cloud agrees to do for 3 gil (such a nice guy).

Return to the area where you found the two missing kids for the main scenerio earlier (Toad Marsh), and you’ll find the king there. He is a rare Hedgehog Pie, and will have two regular ones with him. Like the others he is weak to Ice magic, but he will shield either himself or his compatriots.

Do not attack the shielded target: you will do next to no damage, and they will bounce all over your face (quite literally). Focus fire the softer targets and hit them with Blizzard (Aerith’s Arcane Ward is perfect for this, so give her the Ice materia).

Once the king is dead return to Leaf Orphanage and receive your brand new Nail Bait.

- This article was updated on April 10th, 2020

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