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Final Fantasy 7 Remake – How to Get Wrecking Ball, How to get Smackdown Ability

Pound your enemies into the dirt.

by Brandon Adams


There are a variety of weapons for Cloud and company to equip in Final Fantasy VII Remake, and some require you take down a badass beastie to acquire. Barret’s Wrecking Ball is one such weapon, though you’ll need to be near the end of the game and well equipped to grab it.

Wrecking Ball is earned after completing Subterranean Menace in Chapter 14.

The Wrecking Ball isn’t easy to grab, and you need to make sure your crew is well equipped and leveled for the task ahead. Head back to the playground in Sector 6 and talk to Wymer to pick up this side quest.

You’ll descend back underground to face the monster that was growling in the lab while you were touring around as Barret. Push your way through all the enemies until you return to the previously locked door. Be sure to heal everyone up and restore their mana, because you won’t be able to rest otherwise.

Yep, it’s a behemoth. The trick to this fight is to cripple both its lower and upper body to stagger it, then start pounding it. You should only need to do this twice, but the behemoth hits hard and is resistant to magic with its horn intact. Dodge or block its leaps and swipes, and be patient: don’t get greedy here.


Once the beast is slain return to the surface and talk to Wymer, who will reward you with the Wrecking Ball for your service. This is the second melee weapon Barret can equip, and it’s an attack power focused battering ram with four materia slots (with two more available via upgrading). If you want an offensive, less-tanky Barret then this is your weapon.

Smackdown is the ability found of Wrecking Ball in Final Fantasy VII Remake, and it will send all enemies near the attack flying. It’s great for crowd-control, and the proficiency bonus simply requires you hit three enemies with it at once. Just find a group and pound when they are near each other.

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