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Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter List – How Many Chapters Are in Final Fantasy VII Remake?

How long is Final Fantasy VII Remake?

by Diego Perez


Final Fantasy VII Remake is a modern-day reimagining of the opening hours of the seminal 1997 RPG, taking the relatively brief Midgar section of the original game and expanding it into its own 30+ hour adventure filled to the brim with new content and characters. Because Final Fantasy VII Remake is so much longer than the source material, you may find yourself asking this question at some point during the game’s story: just how many chapters are in Final Fantasy VII Remake? While the game only takes place in Midgar, there’s still a lot of things to do and places to see in the lengthy campaign. This is how many chapters are in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Full Chapter List

There are 18 chapters total in Final Fantasy VII Remake, and each of them is listed below.

  1. Chapter 1: The Destruction of Mako Reactor 1
  2. Chapter 2: Fateful Encounters
  3. Chapter 3: Home Sweet Slum
  4. Chapter 4: Mad Dash
  5. Chapter 5: Dogged Pursuit
  6. Chapter 6: Light the Way
  7. Chapter 7: A Trap is Sprung
  8. Chapter 8: Budding Bodyguard
  9. Chapter 9: The Town That Never Sleeps
  10. Chapter 10: Rough Waters
  11. Chapter 11: Haunted
  12. Chapter 12: Fight for Survival
  13. Chapter 13: A Broken World
  14. Chapter 14: In Search of Hope
  15. Chapter 15: The Day Midgar Stood Still
  16. Chapter 16: The Belly of the Beast
  17. Chapter 17: Deliverance from Chaos
  18. Chapter 18: Destiny’s Crossroads

As you work to take down the Shinra Corporation throughout Final Fantasy VII Remake, you’ll run into several familiar faces and locations as well as entirely original characters and setpieces. Just like the original game, Cloud and friends can be outfitted with various weapons and materia that can drastically alter their roles in combat. Although Final Fantasy VII Remake only tackles the first part of Final Fantasy VII, there’s still a bevy of activities and story content to keep you busy for more than 30 hours.

How Many Chapters Are in Final Fantasy VII Remake?

As we stated above, there are 18 chapters in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Some chapters, like the Mako Reactor bombing mission at the start of the game, are relatively brief, while others can last for hours, providing you with numerous side quests and activities outside of the main story. There are also several optional combat encounters, collectibles, and minigames that can greatly extend your playtime if you choose to complete them all. Final Fantasy VII Remake is an exceptional RPG, so you’ll likely want to spend as much time with it as possible anyway.

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