Final Fantasy VII Remake – How To Stagger to 300%

For the Staggering Feat Trophy.

by Dean James
Final Fantasy 7 Remake

If you thought getting the stagger percentage for an enemy to 200% for one of Chadley’s Battle Intel’s was high, you haven’t seen anything yet. For those looking to collect all of the trophies in the game and get that Platinum, you’re going to have to conquer the Staggering Feat trophy. This trophy requires you to increase the stagger to 300%, which seems nearly impossible for how much it could take to get to 200%. There is an easy way to do this though, but you have to have all of the right tools to pull this one off and this guide will explain just what you need.

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How To Stagger to 300%

To start, this is not something you’re going to be able to do early in the game. In fact, you’re going to have to wait until you have reached Shinra HQ to get an item and then have to wait until the next time you can access Chadley’s VR Combat Simulator, which may not be until the post-game.

Within Shinra HQ, you are going to have to acquire Tifa’s Purple Pain weapon. This is found after Tifa falls down trying to cross the chandeliers to get to the service desk to acquire the keycard. Once you fall down, climb up the back of a truck to then use platforms behind it to climb up further. When you get to the platform with a ladder to go up, skip the ladder and instead head to the back of the platform and cross using the equivalent of monkeybars. You will see a purple chest you need to go to, so follow the path and open this chest to get the Purple Pain weapon for Tifa.

Now what you need to do is wait until you can get to the VR Combat Simulator and challenge Fat Chocobo yet again, this time with Tifa having the Purple Pain equipped. What you want to do is continually use the True Strike ability, which will help you greatly increase the stagger gauge on Fat Chocobo.

As soon as Fat Chocobo is staggered, continue to attack using True Strike every opportunity you fill up half of your ATB bar. This will start stacking up quick, easily getting you above 300% and beyond with the power of True Strike. Fat Chobobo stays staggered so long that you shouldn’t have any trouble whatsoever pulling this one off and getting to 300%.