Final Fantasy XIV Housing Lottery Schedule Explained: Here’s When You Can Buy a House

A home to call your own.

by J.T. Isenhour


Final Fantasy XIV has a lot of content for you to dive into. Aside from your standard combat, Final Fantasy XIV has an intricate crafting system, a full casino with multiple games to play in it, and a full housing system with a housing lottery to get one. While the housing system in Final Fantasy XIV doesn’t provide much of a benefit to regular gameplay, it doesn’t stop a majority of players from wanting one. Who wouldn’t want a little space in a game that you can customize just how you want and show to your friends.

Having a house was something so sought after in Final Fantasy XIV, that they had to implement a housing lottery so everyone could have an equal chance at getting a house in the game. Let’s go over how the housing system in Final Fantasy XIV works and how you can get a house for yourself.

How The Final Fantasy XIV Lottery System Works

Final Fantasy XIV’s housing lottery may seem a bit unnecessary to some, but to anyone that tried to buy a house before it was added, it is something that is needed. The lottery system in Final Fantasy makes it so anyone who is interested in buying a house can pay the full amount of the house upfront and have their number added to the pool. After a set amount of time, a number is drawn and the person that won the house is notified so they can come to claim it.

However, if the person that won the house doesn’t claim it within a set time span, the house goes back up on the market to be sold to someone else. Anyone that didn’t win the house can come to claim their Gil and put it down on a different house that is up for sale.

How To Participate in the Final Fantasy XIV

Joining into a housing lottery is easy, the hardest part is getting all of the Gil needed to fully buy whatever plot you are looking at. You can’t even participate in the housing lottery if you can’t pay the full price of the plot upfront, so make sure you have enough for the plot type you want.


Once you have your Gil in your pocket and you have found a plot of land up for sale, you just need to interact with the placard for the property and select the option to buy in. After that, it is just a waiting game until the winner is picked. You’ll either have yourself a new plot of land to put a house on or all of your Gil back to try again.

While this system may seem a bit odd it’s better than what players had to do before when buying a house. Before the lottery system was in the game, houses would randomly be available to purchase and you would have no way of knowing if you could buy a house unless you interacted with the placard and attempted to buy the house.

This means that players would sit there for hours or even days on end, going through and trying to buy the house until it was available to buy. will many would set up a macro to do it for them, they would then have to worry about another player sabotaging them by interacting with them and making them de-target the placard. Overall, it was a huge time commitment to just buy a house that would prevent you from leveling your tanks or healers and was overall a waste of time if you didn’t end up getting it.

If you are a solo player that just wants a space of your own and you don’t want to go through the hassle of the housing lottery, you can always just buy an apartment room in any of the housing areas. They are much cheaper and it shouldn’t be hard to find one compared to finding an empty plot of land. The only downside is that they are much smaller than a house and no one can see them from the outside. But they are great to just make a little chill space for you and a few close friends.

If you are a solo player trying to buy a house just know that for most plots you will be going up against Free Companies that are trying to buy a communal home. while they do mostly go after the large and medium plots, some smaller Free Companies will go for a small plot as they are much cheaper. If you need any more help with Final Fantasy XIV make sure to check out our other guides.

Final Fantasy XIV is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Mac, and PC.

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