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Final Fantasy XIV – How to Earn Kupo of Fortune Cards, How Does Kupo of Fortune Work

Earn scratcher-tickets while helping rebuild Ishgard.

by Brandon Adams


Patch 5.21 has kicked off the next phase of the Ishgardian Restoration in Final Fantasy XIV, and it adds a new reward system – Kupo of Fortune. This little scratcher-tickets offer a minor treasure trove of great rewards, but choose the wrong square and you can wind up with nothing. So, how do you earn Kupo of Fortune cards?

Kupo of Fortune cards are earned from turning in five Ishgardian crafted collectibles.

As with the first phase of the Ishgardian Restoration, there is a set list of required items crafters need to create if they wish to contribute and earn rewards. When talking to Potkin to review what you need to craft you’ll see a little stamp icon next to some of the items. Turning in these items will reward you with a Kupo Stamp, and after five stamps you’ll earn a Kupo of Fortune scratcher-card. It’s one stamp for one item, so they are not difficult to farm.

Once you have a Kupo Voucher talk to Lizbeth, who is standing next to Potkin, to redeem it for a Kupo of Fortune card. From here the UI will update to show you the card and the possible rewards. There are four squares for five total rewards. They are split between a group of three on the right, and a single square on the left. The single square will always give you a tier two to four prize, but if you want to go for gold and grab the tier one prize you need to select one of the three on the right. The kicker is there is a fifth consolation prize (that is usually crap) that can appear on the right as well, so you run a higher chance of getting jack-squat if you try your luck.


Just pick a square, and the UI will tell you the probability for each reward in that location. Click the square to confirm your choice and collect your prize. I kinda lucked out on my first one, as the screenshot above shows. That’s all there is to earning Kupo of Fortune cards in Final Fantasy XIV. Turn in marked Ishgardian Restoration items, collect your card, and see if you are a lucky winner or unfortunate fool.

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