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Final Fantasy XIV – How to Unlock Ishgardian Restoration

Help your server earn a new housing area.

by Brandon Adams


With patch 5.11, Final Fantasy XIV has finally added the much talked about Ishgardian Restoration, a project aimed at both crafters and gatherers. What you may be surprised to learn, however, is you don’t need a gatherer or crafter to unlock it.

Complete The Dragonsong War story arc, and return to Ishgard.

While you may not need a gatherer or crafter to access the new “Towards the Firmament” quest, you will need to be at least level 60 and have completed “Litany of Peace” (which is the conclusion to the Dragonsong War arc, the first half of the post-Heavensward content). Once you have met those requirements you can head to Ishgard and find the new quest right outside the Foundation aetheryte.

Once you have accepted the quest you’ll be directed down towards the Brume, where you will meet an old friend. Speak with him, and you’ll be tasked with going back up to The Jeweled Crozier, where you will sit through a seven minute cutscene. Once that is done, you will head back down into the Brume, and unlock access to the Firmament.

The Firmament is what you will be rebuilding, and if the map is any indication, it’ll be the new housing ward for Ishgard once it’s repaired. Considering Ishgard housing has been teased for quite some time, it’s only natural Yoshi-P and team decided to make accessing it a server-wide event. Once you are inside the Firmament, the quest will have you talk to a handful of key NPCs, and once concluded you will be free to contribute, assuming you have a crafter at level 20. Yep, a level 20 gatherer will help here, but the items you turn in for credit are all crafted. It may be best to return to this with at least once crafter at 20, and both Miner and Botanist at 20 if you wish to supply your own materials.

That’s how to unlock the Ishgardian Restoration, but the mode itself requires a touch more nuance to fully understand. If you’d like to know the best way to go about contributing towards the restoration, check out our guide here. And for more Shadowbringer’s guides, check out our guide hub!

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