Fortnite Battle Royale Map Changes With Season 9

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Season 9 for Fortnite has officially begun and with it the map will change once again for the new season.  In Season 9, the volcano has erupted and changed some familiar locations on the map.  This includes new areas to explore, like Neo Tilted Towers, the Mega Mall, and others.

Here’s a look at some of the new locations that you’ll find when you jump into the new Season 9 map for Fortnite Battle Royale.  The three biggest changes that you are going to find on the map are that number one, the volcano that was in the northeast corner of the map is now called the Pressure Plant.  This eruption of the volcano has left some other changes as well:  Neo Tilted and the Mega Mall.

Of course, Neo Tilted is a brand new version of Tilted Towers and the Mega Mall is in the place where Retail Row used to be located.

Neo Tilted is just like Tilted Towers with a fresh coat of paint


The old Tilted Towers might’ve been one of the most popular places to land due to the vertical nature of the design, but Neo Tilted will probably be even more appealing to players.  Neo Tilted is essentially the same as the old Tilted Towers in terms of the layout of the area, but everything has gotten a makeover in terms of what it looks like.  Neo Tilted is a futuristic version of Tilted Towers with a much more colorful design with billboards and statues littering the area.  The new mass transit system that runs by Neo Tilted can make getting there or getting out much easier.

Mega Mall replaces Retail Row with a futuristic shopping center


The Mega Mall takes the place of Retail Row.  The massive multi-level structure features a bunch of different shops and sticks to the futuristic aesthetic of Season 9.  Inside you’ll find an Ice Cream Parlor, an Arcade, multiple restaurants, clothing stores, and of course a brand new Pizza Pit.  The new area features multiple ways in and out of it with the new jet stream travel system running alongside it.

The Volcano is gone in its place is the Pressure Plant


The volcano may be gone, but in its place is a new area called the Pressure Plant.  This industrial area seems to be pumping all the steam from what’s left of the volcanos core to power the new jet stream system which allows you to travel all over the map.  The area features a helicopter landing pad and chopper, but you can’t fly it.  Smack it for metal scrap instead.

While these are some of the major new areas that have seen a complete redesigns there are others where the changes are a little bit less obvious.  Tweaks have been made to Loot Lake and Junk Junction as well.

Enter the Slipstream for Fast Travel


Alongside some of these major map changes you’re also going to find a couple of new methods of transportation.  There’s a brand new Slipstream system in the game, which allows you to travel around the map very quickly by hopping in the stream and going for a ride.  You can go either forward or backward in the Slipstream, but you’ll need to make sure you stay in the stream or you will fall out onto the ground.  Alongside the Slipstream tubes that run all along the map you’ll also find platforms scattered across the sky.

The Sky Platforms allow you to travel vertically instead of horizontally as the Slipstreams do.  The sky platforms essentially act as a launch pad this season.

There’s a lot that’s new in Fortnite Season 9, that includes the map changes listed above, as well as the new collectible Fortbytes that will arrive alongside the Weekly Battle Pass Challenges. 

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