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Fortnite – Deadpool Week 2 Challenges

The next set of Deadpool challenges is now available.

by Diego Perez


The week 2 Fortnite Deadpool challenges have been revealed ahead of tomorrow’s update, thanks to leaker FortTory on Twitter. The Merc with a Mouth still has yet to reveal himself in Fortnite, most likely saving himself for an appearance later during Season 2, but completing these challenges will set you on your way to earning Deadpool whenever he becomes available.

The challenges this week are incredibly easy, even easier than the initial week 1 challenges. You won’t even have to load into a match to fulfill this week’s requirements, making these some of the easiest challenges Fortnite has to offer.

These are the week 2 Deadpool challenges in Fortnite.

Week 2 Deadpool Challenges

This week, there are two challenges on the agenda. The first thing on the list is to find Deadpool’s milk carton. There isn’t a specific location at the time of writing considering the update has yet to drop, but we’ll update this guide accordingly once the game has updated. It will most likely be in a similar location to Deadpool’s letter to Epic Games, meaning it’ll be hidden somewhere in Deadpool’s hideout.

The second challenge this week is to find Deadpool’s chimichangas around HQ. There are a total of three to find, and they probably won’t be too difficult to locate. Again, we won’t know the exact location of the hidden chimichangas until the update is released tomorrow, but we’ll update this guide accordingly once the update drops.

In the meantime, make sure you’re on track to earn Deadpool once he becomes available in Fortnite by catching up on the week 1 challenges, which you can knock out in a matter of minutes without even firing a weapon.

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