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Fortnite – How to Catch a Weapon Using Fishing Rod

You'll need a fishing rod and a little luck.

by William Schwartz


One of the New World Missions that has arrived with Fortnite Chapter 2 is to test out the new fishing mechanics in the game by using the Fishing Rod to catch a weapon.  Catching a weapon using the fishing rod is a fairly straight forward challenge assuming that you know the basics about fishing.

First and foremost, you’re going to need to find a fishing rod.  These can be found in a number of different locations.  You’ll find them in barrels, usually close to water.  You’ll find them in chests, or you can find them in your opponent’s loot.

Once you have the fishing rod, your best chance for catching a weapon is to head to one of the designated fishing spots.  These are the water areas that have white caps on them at the surface.  These areas have your best chance for better loot like fish or weapons.

The mechanics are pretty simple.  Equip the fishing rod, cast it into the water by pressing R2/RT/RMB, then press R2/RT/RMB again once you’ve got a bite on the line.

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