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Fortnite – How to Fish

A new way to loot in Fortnite

by William Schwartz


Fishing is one of the new things that you can do in Fortnite Season 2.  But you might be thinking why should I spend my time fishing when there are 99 other players out to kill me?  The reason is that by fishing you can gather loot.  Below we’ll describe where you can fish and how to fish once you’ve found a fishing spot.

There are different bodies of water in Fortnite Chapter 2 that can be fished for loot.  You will actually need to get a fishing rod first to do any fishing though.  Some bodies of water will have a fishing rod in a barrel nearby.  To get the fishing rod you will need to walk up the barrel and search it to grab the fishing rod.

Fishing rods aren’t just in the barrels though.  You can find them anywhere on the map and in the loot of other players.  Simply collect the item as you would any other in the game to go fishing when the opportunity presents itself.

The fishing rod will then be an item in your inventory.  Equip the fishing rod and then cast it into the nearby lake or stream and then wait for the bobber/lure to make a splash.  Once it does click on the LMB or Right Trigger to reel in the line.

Assuming you’ve pressed the button fast enough you will get a reward.  This can be things like tin cans (which can be used to damage enemies), building materials or even weapons.

FIshing Hot Spots


If you see spots in the water with white on the surface of the water there are fish there and you will get better rewards.  Simply cast the fishing line into these white spots to get even better guns, items or materials.

- This article was updated on:October 16th, 2019

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