Fortnite Inflate-A-Bull Locations: How to Use an Inflate-A-Bull

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One of the new Week 6 Legendary quests for Fortnite Season 7 requires players to use an Inflate-A-Bull, but where exactly can this mysterious new item be found. This quest comes after dealing damage to opponents in farms. The Inflate-A-Bull was added to the game in the most recent update, and it has a variety of uses. Just like the Alien Nanite quest from last week, all you have to do is use an Inflate-A-Bull once you find it. Finding one, however, is easier said than done. Here’s where you can find and use an Inflate-A-Bull in Fortnite.

How to Use an Inflate-A-Bull in Fortnite

The Inflate-A-Bull can be found randomly in chests and as floor loot, but it will also be sold by Rick Sanchez for 25 Gold Bars. Rick can be found at the satellite station between Weeping Woods and Lazy Lake.


The Inflate-A-Bull is a new item added in the most recent Fortnite update. It is a suit that gives you cow-like properties, such as being able to roll down hills, bounce off cliffs, and be impervious to fire. To use it, press the jump button while in the air. This will deploy the Inflate-A-Bull and give you the properties described above. You can bounce around, you can moo, and you’ll experience lower gravity than normal. Other players can shoot you to pop the Inflate-A-Bull, though, and it has a timer that limits how long it can be active. You also can’t shoot while this item is active.

Once you find and deploy an Inflate-A-Bull, you’ll complete this quest and earn 30,000 XP. Just like the Alien Nanites quest from last week, the hardest part of this challenge will likely be finding an Inflate-A-Bull in the first place. It’s a random drop, so you can find it just about anywhere on the map. That being said, it potentially has a higher chance of spawning in certain locations related to the aliens. You have a decent chance of finding an Inflate-A-Bull in these places:

  • Purchase from Rick Sanchez
  • Inside the Mothership
  • On top of Abductors
  • Inside chests
  • On the ground as floor loot

The Mothership and Abductors were disabled last week, but they’re making a return during Week 6 because there are a few challenges centered around them. Just like the Kymera Ray Gun and other alien items, Alien Nanites and Inflate-A-Bulls have a greater chance of spawning inside the Mothership and on top of Abductors. You also have a chance to obtain them as random loot drops from chests and as floor loot, but it could take a few matches before you stumble across one. With this quest out of the way, your next task is to place cow decoys in farms.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

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