Fortnite Only Up Map Code: How to Play Only Up for Free in Fortnite

Are you wanting to play Only Up in Fortnite?

by Gordon Bicker
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Fortnite has an array of creator-made maps that add something fresh to the game and one of these is based on the Only Up game. If you are trying to play Only Up for free then you won’t have to look too much further than the version in Fortnite. This article will take you through how to play Only Up for free in Fortnite and include the map code you need.

Only Up Map Code in Fortnite

The Only Up map code is 4366-9611-6988 and after you have entered this code you will be able to play an excellent Fortnite version of the Only Up game. In order to enter the code you will have to navigate to the “Island Code” section of the Game Mode selection menu. After you have entered the code you can also choose to favorite (heart) it before playing so you have easy access to it whenever you’d like.

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Once you boot up the map, just have to confirm to start it again when the lobby is prepared and you will be able to play through Only Up in Fortnite. There are no specific guidelines to follow other than navigating your way up the obstacles without accidentally falling off to the ground below. We have found it can get tricky at points but that’s all part of the enjoyment factor.

What Does Only Up in Fortnite Contain?

Only Up takes players through a visual journey of all “seasons in Chapter 1” of Fortnite so the overall map will also act as a nostalgic reminder of updates past. Of course, the map also contains plenty of unique parkouring opportunities and the general flow of the level is interesting to navigate around. Unlike Only Up, you will not automatically grab onto things so remember to grab when jumping.

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There is also a timer that will run while you are playing through the climbing part of the map, this means you can engage in some speedrunning if you wish. Now that you know how to play Only Up in Fortnite, you can enter the map code and begin the climb — be careful up there!

- This article was updated on June 27th, 2023

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