Fortnite: Place Anti-Tank Rounds Quest Locations

Find out where you'll need to place the Anti-Tank rounds in this weekly Fortnite Challenge!

by Shaun Cichacki


With the newest chapter of Fortnite, you’ll be completing plenty of new challenges that are rotated out every single week. You’ll be taking care of Omni Chips, and finding out where they’re hiding, daily challenges, and weekly challenges. One of the newest challenges have you running around the map, placing Anti-Tank Rounds in three specific locations.

But, where do you find these locations? Is it worth your time? Let’s get off of the Battle Bus and get right into the action, so we can find out exactly where we need to go and what you’ll need to do to take care of this challenge!

Fortnite – Anti-Tank Round Locations


As you’re making your way around the map, you’ll need to search out these three specific spots to be able to accomplish this challenge. Following along with our guide, you’ll be able to accomplish this challenge quickly and efficiently.

Sanctuary Anti-Tank Round


You’ll want to drop as near to this location as you can, as you’ll be able to accomplish this one pretty quickly. Once you land, you’ll want to make your way west, away from Sanctuary to the location on the map above. Once you are here, you’ll see a few crates and sandbags, with the anti-tank round glowing near the backside of them.

After getting the first, you’ll make your way to the southeast, heading up the hill and towards the silo-shaped houses, where you will find another spot for an anti-tank round behind the first building that you come across. You may just need to make a few laps around the houses to make sure that you’re at the proper one.

The third anti-tank round location is going to be a fair distance away, to the east of your location, as you’ll come across a small village area where the third anti-tank round can be placed, and now you’ll need to make your way into the location of Sanctuary.


As you make your way into Sanctuary, you’ll find the first one near the name of the town on your map, near the southernmost arrow. Once you have accomplished this, you’ll head north a few paces, and go past the large building, where you’ll come across the final location for the anti-tank rounds! With these five planted, you’ll have completed this weekly challenge! You’ll also come across a few Omni Chips in this location, so make sure that you snag those up, as well!

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and Mobile devices.


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