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Genshin Impact 2.1 Hyakunin Ikki Guide: Stage 6 – Making a Stand

Learn how to clear the stage and get all of its rewards

by Franklin Bellone Borges


The last day of Genshin Impact‘s current Hyakunin Ikki event is here, bringing another welcome challenge and the possibility to get 70 more Primogems to Travelers everywhere. With that said, we will now tell you everything you need to know to get all the rewards in Hyakunin Ikki’s last stage, ”Making a Stand.”

Hyakunin Ikki Stage 5 – Recommended Characters / Duos

As this is the final stage of the event, miHoYo prepared a few surprises in the form of a wave featuring, among many smaller enemies, a Ruin Guard, Hunter, and a Ruin Grader. With that in mind, we recommend that you take at least 3 archers to the battle, just in case the Ruin Hunter decides to go out of reach. We advise you to make use of both Tartaglia (Childe) and Ganyu, the latter of which is without a shadow of a doubt the best archer and Cryo DPS in the game. Don’t forget to also bring characters capable of not only synergizing with their partners but also with the other duos.

To deal with the other enemies, make use of characters able to deal massive elemental damage since the machines have high resistance against physical damage. Making use of Burst Supports as well as of Sub-DPS is highly advised since they are able to deal massive damage for short amounts of time, a characteristic that fits the event’s mechanic perfectly. For that, we recommend the use of the Electro Shogun.

Recommended Strategy

In this wave, we recommend that you focus on finishing the smaller enemies as fast as possible so that you can have more time to spare against the war machines. It is also vital that you try to keep the enemies close to each other while making use of elemental reactions and your team’s Elemental Bursts to finish them off. Don’t pull your punches on any of the waves, since thanks to the mechanics of the challenge, the event will allow your characters to always have a good amount of energy in store. Also, don’t forget to keep the rotation going so that you can accumulate fervor faster and increase your overall damage.

Genshin Impact is currently available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, mobile devices, and PC.

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