Genshin Impact Healer Tier List (3.8): Best Healers in Genshin, Ranked

Here are all the healers in Genshin Impact, ranked.

by Christian Bognar
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Healers are arguably the most critical characters in Genshin Impact. They help keep your DPS characters alive while providing potential buffs to the whole squad. With 14 healers currently in the game, you may be wondering who is the best to choose. This guide examines all fourteen healers and puts them into a ranked tier list to make your decision-making easier. Here are all healers in Genshin Impact, ranked.

Best Genshin Impact Healers

Check out the grid below for a quick glimpse into our rankings of the best healers in Genshin Impact. Read further for a description of why each character fits into their categories.

SBaizhu, Bennett, Diona, Kokomi
AGorou, Jean, Kuki Shinobu, Yaoyao.
BBarbara, Dori, Mika, Noelle, Sayu.

S Tier

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These are the best healers in the game, providing substantial support through healing while keeping the party at its strongest. Put any of these characters into your squad, and you will do just fine against the game’s enemies.


Baizhu is one of the best five-star healers in the game, providing high-party healing and a shield that resists interruption. Baizhu stands out from the crowd due to the great scaling he entails, focusing on both HP scaling and Dendro Buffs.


Another example of a fantastic healer is Bennett, who is only considered a four-star in Genshin Impact — but he acts like a five. With a powerful attack and healing buff, Bennett provides enough support to keep the team at their strongest. Better yet, a spammable elemental skill and quickness in Pyro application make this character a go-to choice for those looking for a healer.


Every character can have a small weakness, and even though Diona does — she still deserves a spot in the top tier. Her weakness is low base HP and defense and low damage potential, but this is easily made up with her strengths. Health recovery and shield strength scale with her HP levels as she levels up — giving her the potential to be one of the best healers in the game.


Next, let’s look at Kokomi — one of the best support characters with outstanding healing capabilities. This healer stands out due to its elemental skill that covers a wide area and easy application of Hydro. Also, Kokomi’s normal attacks will heal the entire party in elemental burst mode, allowing for damage output while recovering HP.

A Tier

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No player will go wrong choosing healers in the A-tier ranking, as these characters barely have any weaknesses that outweigh their strengths.


Gorou has got some hate from the community due to only being outstanding in a Geo team, but besides that fact, she still deserves to be in A-tier. She has some standout capabilities, such as boosting defense, interruption resistance, and buffing the entire party’s defense. Not only that, but she can increase Geo Crit Damage.


Jean is a beast in the healing department due to her passive healing whenever she attacks enemies. For example, her regular attacks heal the entire party, while her Elemental Burst provides AoE damage and heals everyone simultaneously. The only downfall is that her Elemental Burst has a long cooldown period.

Kuki Shinobu

First, Kuki Shinobu is a four-star character who benefits significantly as a team player. This four-star character is an excellent addition with consistent off-field electro damage, low elemental burst cost, and an elemental skill that collaborates exceptionally well with Hyperbloom teams. Also, of course, the healing Kuki Shinobu provides is top-notch and reliable.


Yaoyao is a four-star character that fits right at home at the A-tier level. She has some weaknesses, but her strengths outweigh them. Her strengths lie in the fact that she provides a Dendro damage buff while also providing Dendro resistance from her Elemental Burst — which helps a lot in reducing self-inflicted Dendro Core Damage.

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B Tier

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B-tier healers are good at what they do but rank lower due to some weaknesses that some players may be frustrated with. Nevertheless, they are still worth including in the party.


Barbara is a good healer, but her weakness prevents her from being pushed up a rank. For her strengths — high healing output, elemental burst skill that heals over time, and can auto revive characters when they’re down. That said, she has low base damage and HP, which means her strengths can be short-lived sometimes.


Dori is a solid healer that fits nicely in the B-tier category. Dori focuses on single-target healing, which can be great in its own right but also a weakness, considering she has no multi-targeting ability for healing. Still, she can be helpful to any player’s main character who provides high DPS.


Many fans would put Mika higher on this list — but she has two weaknesses that push her down to this level. The prohibitive Elemental Burst cost and extended skill cooldowns are a pain, which potentially cancels out the strengths she does have. But a skilled player will be okay with this, where she provides good elemental particle generation and a fantastic party-wide burst healing.


On the other hand, Noelle has high defense, allowing her to stay in the fight longer. The high defense is paired well with her Elemental Skill that can recover HP for all characters — making her an excellent support for keeping the party alive. The downfall with Noelle, though, is that her Elemental Burst energy cost is reasonably high.


Sayu takes some time to get used to, but she is a sound healer once you get her playstyle down. She stands out as a good selection for a party with an Elemental Burst that can simultaneously heal and deal with Anemo damage. She also has a nice little passive that can help the player sneak up on wildlife — unnoticed.

C Tier

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There are no terrible healers in the game; the same goes for the healer located in C-tier. There are just some notable weaknesses that can make this one character challenging to rank higher.


Qiqi can provide great healing to everyone at the party but doesn’t offer much outside of that. A healer needs to be multifaceted, making them excellent in the support field, and while she can be significant in co-op play for keeping everyone alive, there’s little outside of that she can do regarding buffs.

- This article was updated on July 13th, 2023

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