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Genshin Impact – How to Purchase and Use Dust of Azoth to Convert Character Ascension Materials

Use this new material to mitigate your bad luck.

by Brandon Adams


Genshin Impact Version 1.3 introduces a new way to gain the Character Ascension Materials you need, but you’ll need to use a new resource – Dust of Azoth – to fuel your conversions. Currently, you cannot farm or collect Dust of Azoth out in the world of Genshin Impact, but I have a feeling you won’t struggle too hard to grab the amount you need.

Dust of Azoth is purchased with Stardust in the Genshin Impact Shop, and is used to convert Character Ascension Materials at the Alchemy table.

Dust of Azoth can be found in the Genshin Impact shop, under the Stardust Exchange in Paimon’s Bargains. Yes, that means you’ll have to actually pull during Genshin Impact’s various banners, since that’s how you earn Stardust. Assuming you are a free-to-play fan, this isn’t too terrible, since you’ll net a healthy stockpile of Stardust from all your free pulls. Those of us who pay on occasion (or more) for pulls should have an abundance of Stardust.

The price of Dust of Azoth isn’t too shabby. Ten cost five Stardust, and you can buy 100 a month. That’s a total of 1000 Dust of Azoth for 500 Stardust, and that amount should fuel even the most obsessive of min-maxers’ Character Ascension Material conversions for a while. To use the Dust of Azoth simply visit an Alchemy table and look for the new icon at the top. Select it to open the Convert tab, where you can select the exact Elemental Ascension Material you want.


Whether it be a shard, fragment, chunk, or gemstone, each transmutation will only cost one of a similar grade Character Ascension Material. I.E. to transmute a Pyro chunk you’ll only need one chunk of another element. You can change which Character Ascension Material element will be sacrificed by clicked the “pages” icon on the bottom-right, where the character portrait would normally be if you were crafting.

The Dust of Azoth cost per conversion is what scales upwards. Each Character Ascension Material grade costs:

  • Slivers: 1 Dust of Azoth
  • Fragments: 3 Dust of Azoth
  • Chunks: 9 Dust of Azoth
  • Gemstones: 27 Dust of Azoth

Gemstones will start to whittle your Dust of Azoth stores down, but this shouldn’t be an issue if you grab 1000 Dust of Azoth from the Genshin Impact store every month (assuming you are not trying to max-out more than eight characters, and your drop-luck is utter trash). Remember, you can only buy 1000 a month, so you’ll still want to farm your Character Ascension Materials. Dust of Azoth and the new Convert feature just make it easier to cycle your poor drops into what you need in Genshin Impact, which is still a massive win in my book.

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