Genshin Impact – What is Beginners’ Wish

Ease into your first gacha with this more generous pull.

by Brandon Adams
Genshin Impact - What is Beginner' Wish

Genshin Impact is a gacha game at its core, and that means players will need to make “pulls” for high-rank characters and items. The Beginners’ Wish pull comes at a discount, and a specific character is guaranteed, so what exactly is the Genshin Impact Beginners’ Wish.

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The Genshin Impact Beginners’ Wish is a more controlled pull for newer players.

The Beginners’ Wish pull in Genshin Impact is the very first tab players will see when they pull up the Wish menu, and for good reason. First off, it’s at a 20% “discount”, meaning it will only cost 8 Acquaint Fate for the ten combined pulls instead of 10 (it’s usually one Fate per pull, and you’re making ten pulls in one pull here; no individual pulls with this Wish). Second: a 4-star Noelle will always drop the first time you give the lever a tug. Yes, 5-star characters are technically the max, but a four-star Geo tank isn’t a bad grab at the start of the game.

You can only pull the Beginners’ Wish twice, and it will cost you 16 Acquaint Fate total. Your second pull will net you a second 4-star character, though this one will be random. After your second pull the Beginners’ Wish will be removed from the Wish menu, and you’ll have to engage with the less . . . forgiving pulls for future high-rank characters. There are other ways to grab characters in Genshin Impact, sure, but time will tell how valuable these high-rank characters are in the endgame.

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