Ghost of Tsushima – Komatsu Forge Yellow Bird Guide

Where do you follow the yellow bird in Komatsu Forge?

by Diego Perez
Ghost of Tsushima Komatsu Forge Yellow Bird

Komatsu Forge is an area you’ll come across fairly early in Ghost of Tsushima, and you may have seen a yellow bird always flying around the town as you make your way to the armorer or attempt to pick up new quests. If you’ve been playing a lot of Ghost of Tsushima, then you probably know that these yellow birds are not just for show. They guide you to new items, locations, and secrets that are always worth finding, but the bird in Komatsu Forge will only take you so far. Many players have hit a dead end with the Komatsu Forge bird, but it’s actually not that complicated once you figure out what to do.

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Komatsu Forge Yellow Bird Item

The yellow bird in Komatsu Forge will lead you to the Forgemaster’s Headband, which can be worn by Jin as a vanity item. The bird will lead you to the Swordsmith building, but you can just head straight there without following it. Climb onto the roof and you’ll see a hole. Make your way up to the beam that goes across the opening and stand in the middle.


Press the circle button to drop down and Jin will fall and grab onto a beam below. The Forgemaster’s Headband is located at the end of the beam. Simply walk across and pick it up before dropping down to the ground.


The Forgemaster’s Headband does not provide any defense bonuses or other stat buffs, just like Ghost of Tsushima’s other hats, helmets, and masks, but it still serves as another vanity item that you can use to further customize Jin to your liking. All of Ghost of Tsushima’s armor pieces have their own unique looks and designs, and they can even be dyed different colors, so cosmetic customization is a huge part of the game.

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