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Ghost Recon Breakpoint – How to Destroy Behemoth

Hitting the weak spot with powerful weapons is the key.

by William Schwartz


The Behemoth is one of the biggest and deadliest enemies that you’ll face in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.  These tanks have the ability to hit you with mounted machine guns and batter you with artillery rounds and missiles.  To destroy the Behemoth you’re going to have to use some strategy and use the right tool for the job.  While you can certainly destroy Behemoth with standard weapons, it will go down much faster if you use the tools listed below.

Behemoth Weak Spot Location

First things first you’ll want to know where the weak spot on the Behemoth is.  If you’re facing the Behemoth head on you’ll notice that it has some blue lights under the armor plating in the front of the tank.  This is the spot that you’re going to want to aim for with projectile weapons.  So if you’ve only got a gun in your arsenal you’re going to want to aim for the weak spot to take this tank out.

Best Weapons to Use to Destroy the Behemoth

Like we said, you can definitely take out a Behemoth with standard guns, but it won’t be easy.  If you have them, try to use explosive weapons like the Rocket Launcher to destroy the Behemoth quickly.

Other explosives will work well against the Behemoth also — try using frag grenades, mines, or c4 to blow up the Behemoth as well.  While it can be hard to use these items against the tank because it’s movement is sporadic, a valid strategy is to use an EMP grenade to disable the tank and then barrage it with explosives like C4 or frag grenades.  Disabling the vehicle via EMP can also give you time to lay down mines in its way so when it starts moving again it will be damaged by these explosives.

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